How to Use GarageBand – – Today’s screencast is one that is both informative and fun. Alex is a GarageBand expert, and wanted to show all of you his tips and tricks. When I’ve used GarageBand in the past, I simply clicked on a lot of things and attempted to actually make something that resembled music. However, there are actually specific things that you can do. Who would have ever guessed?! – http



  1. franklin4710 says:

    Cheers bud, very helpful

  2. phantomnewo says:

    Help a lot thnx

  3. dued27 says:

    Hey! My name is Alex too! hahaha jk. Thank you so much man! You rock!

  4. a1b2c3d4e5Rian says:

    Most helpful tutorial!! :) 

  5. MrMille123 says:


  6. TheWildPitcher3 says:

    It says I have to install loops, but i have no disk space available.

  7. gloomycupid says:

    Aw thanks sooo much! This helped alot :3 

  8. Djcol1990 says:

    Yeah, fuck the haters

  9. searize says:

    check my page for answers

  10. searize says:

    check my page for answers

  11. searize says:

    check my page for answers

  12. ilvcheez009 says:

    ad buffering: me – what the fuck?!

  13. ilvcheez009 says:

    (video buffering) me: ‘ok fine, its buffering so what?’

  14. morgandeanRAMIREZ says:

    very informative.. but you sound so sick, it’s gross.

  15. DirtaaysouTH says:

    thanks for the vid man! very very helpful

  16. ragedduc360 says:

    i cant select ”beats” ‘ can any one help me plz

  17. Bully677 says:

    true hahaha

  18. Spyd3r416 says:

    someone who never learned?

  19. mastermooky says:

    very informative, keep it happening dude!

  20. GamingLizardMan says:

    get a cleanex or something dude

  21. Bully677 says:

    who doesn’t know who to use this or LOGIC PRO..

  22. ADVAr9 says:

    hey wait..,what about ‘iphone 4′ S

  23. Voefie says:

    Thanks, helpful but I might have to come back and watch it a few more times – Garageband is completely new to me.

  24. Theboxer500 says:

    Another un talented software just like sounation

  25. reii32 says:

    Thank you! I’ll post my new track for you to listen since you were such a big help!

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