INSTANT DUBSTEP WOBBLE with Lazerbass in Reaktor 5.5 (Native Instruments Komplete 7) is a candy shoppe for sonic exquisantes who crave an extra helping of phat bass. Official blurb: — Lazerbass The newest addition to the REAKTOR library is a monophonic synthesizer delivering a pure and direct sound without additional effects. The new additive synthesis module means Lazerbass can create a large number of timbres, themselves made up of multiple harmonic or non harmonic partials. The result is a sound of immense quality, equally at home creating spacey sci-fi sounds as full and punchy sub basses ideal for dubstep and other leading-edge electronic productions that need that signature “wobble.” –
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  1. alloedee says:

    I bought NI komplet 5 back i 2008, and Iam really happy with that. Because the stolen or copied version (the cracked version if you like) are really really unstable. And if you are a real pro you own your software, defently.
    Beside getting stable versions, you also contribute to the future development of software synthesis. Vadim Zavalishin and the guys (and girls) at NI have put alot of time and energy in to create these software instrument. And if you already own reaktor, Lazerbass is for free

  2. Havvse says:

    I support it on some degree. But the way you talk about it makes it look like its stealing. There’s nothing wrong in downloading software or games and testing them fully before buying, that’s reasonable. But when an artist gets second to none income out of an album in which he invested lots of time and effort, piracy becomes not reasonable.

  3. TheRobotnikWalrus says:

    besides, what do you have against piracy?

  4. TheRobotnikWalrus says:

    piracy isn’t stealing, dumbass. stealing is stealing, piracy takes a copy, cock-nose. Why don’t you mind your own business?

  5. Havvse says:

    wow man, that’s top notch logic right there. “If I can’t afford a tv I will steal it, if you’re so against me stealing it why don’t you buy me it then?

  6. racerzsquad1 says:

    future skrillex :D

    skrillex > strillex

  7. iONghOSTtube says:

    Awsome, tron synth eh! torley u da man on cam! :)

  8. justaS33ker says:

    Ever heard of freeware? There’s amazing stuff I STILL use even though I have purchased legit copies of Reaktor, V-Station, Vanguard, Octopus, z3ta+2, etc. Great freeware includes stuff such as Superwave P8. Most people download the Superwave P8 and say: “it only does trance and Jean Jarre”. Well, that’s because you aint tweaking it. I forged a bank of my own presets that could suit many genres of music.

    I have FL Studio (again legit copy), and I still use 3xOSC, and creative use of the sampler.

  9. TheRobotnikWalrus says:

    what do you recommend? plus, if you’re so “anti-piracy”, why don’t you help me buy it?

  10. DrumsSnowSkateSoft says:

    and many beginners think they need this to sound good. believe me, you dont. many synths included with logic are very good for software standard, and ive heard fruity loops also has very good synths. if you learn how to use synths correctly, you can make nearly any synth sound good.

  11. DrumsSnowSkateSoft says:

    i honestly think most beginners should stray away from buying this, because it honestly will not help them. if anything, it will make them worse because they will be dumbfounded by the complexity (since they dont know anything about synthesis). also, many beginners have no clue that you need to know music theory or atleast piano to make good music. i only just now got komplete literally yesterday after producing for 7 months without it, and if i was a beginner i would be very confused.

  12. bad13rad says:

    Dude you are hilarious and i totally dig your introduction to Reaktor!

  13. flexxah says:

    let people do whatever the fuck they like :) 

  14. mcgruber2 says:

    i love this guy!!!

  15. SquirrelsLiveInTrees says:

    okay i have my midi keyboard hooked up & it works perfect on every other plug in. but then i pull up reaktor 5.5 and none of the instruments in there work. help? ):

  16. iDestroyNoobs says:

    Does anyone know how to add extra oscillators?

  17. sinimabeats says:

    Thank you, I’ve had Ultimate 8 for a few months now and could never figure out how to get the dubstep baselines going until seeing this vid.

  18. sinimabeats says:

    Thank you, I’ve had Ultimate 8 for a few months now and could never figure out how to get the dubstep baselines going until seeing this vid.

  19. luckytaco97 says:

    Just after watching this clip 2,000 more shitty bedroom dubstep producers were born. The majority are now asking
    “where can I download this so I too can make dubstep”.
    Here’s a tip: stop pirating software and instead attend classes, buy the proper studio gear and software, don’t rely on your headphones and laptop and for God’s sake stop with the wobbling oscillating basslines! super played out.

  20. zacypooh says:

    hey is there any way i can download just lazerbass, cuz i gave reaktor, but i just have the player, soo i was just wondering if there was any way i could get just the lazerbass ens.

  21. legomousse says:

    at 4:12 he says “I love sushis” in japan.

  22. funwithjane says:

    is the aoki’s dad?

  23. djtechnicalizer says:

    what is the keyboard he has?

  24. JordanLyons1995 says:

    that is just amazing, im a total nerd when it comes to software.

  25. AerialRush says:

    First time seeing your channel and based off this I’m subscribing. Please drop some sick beats for us! :D

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