Logic Mixing Tutorial – Layering Kicks

www.pointblankonline.net – In this video Danny J Lewis discusses layering kicks with fellow PB tutor JC Concato. He picks two kick samples, one for the low end frequencies and one taking care of the highs, and uses EQ to mesh them together into one punchy kick. You can learn more about delays and other mixing techniques on the Mixing Dance Music in Logic course. Please follow the link for more details – www.pointblankonline.net You can also try the course for free by simply clicking on the following link: www.pointblankonline.net Please subscribe to our channel to make sure you don’t miss future exclusive tutorials from Point Blank Online school




    Gr8 Stuff, we got some cool tutorial to!

  2. DjTraneMusic says:

    I didn’t think it’s that simple. Many thanks !

  3. videosongman says:

    Of Course! (You know I agree on that duh!). I am just always amazed by how much you can do with just EQ. No one can underestimate it’s power in production.

  4. cortezforever says:

    OK. When i used my Korg Triton i used to use the same principles as this guy does. The only difference is there was nothing visual just numbers for eq the wave form.

  5. asura673 says:

    nothing mate, although theres a tutorial out for sale called “RSO Mixing Synths” and it covers that and a whole lot more.

    I havent bought it personally, but i will be doing soon.

  6. cortezforever says:

    have you found anything on layering synths?

  7. rmydelmas says:

    thank you very much, fantastic machine.

  8. videosongman says:

    Wow! It’s amazing how simple “EQ-ing” can create layering of samples such as a kick. Great tip!

  9. asura673 says:

    Layering synths and sub bass pllllleaaassee!!

  10. norwedgianawesomenes says:

    Moar logic! :D

  11. fuzzjohn says:

    I liked hearing the discussion between you guys. Like a tutorial duet.

  12. TheZetReviewer says:

    Awesome, more videos on Logic :) 

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