Logic Tutorial: Glitch & Stutter

www.subtraktr.com Logic Pro 9 Just a real quick video showing how I make some of my glitch type sound effects for my music. Any questions for any other tutorials, just ask. I’ll be creating more of them as I complete my next album. Enjoy, everyone!
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  1. Dongatoarigato says:

    Thanks! for your ideas.
    Greetings from México!

  2. FerdinandLeivestad says:

    Sounds like the sounds used in the Transformers movies! :D great stuff



  4. Filthstift says:

    Thank you.

  5. illegochild says:

    Can’t complain. Hey, I learned SOMETHING new! Thanks

  6. cymatnic says:

    I think its control+option then click and drag. To return to your previous view hold control option and just click

  7. draconisthe0ry says:

    OH MY GOD WTF !!!! i feel like prometheus just gave me fire

  8. Theblotthing says:

    hey this is kinda weird. But when i try ti slice a file, pressing option and all, they do not cut the file into equal part.infact even after pressing option as i click, i only get one slice.can u help?

  9. TheBassHeavy says:


  10. calvinlotz says:

    Keep an eye on craigslist. I grabbed it from a student for a hundred bucks. Keep hope alive! :D

  11. calvinlotz says:

    7:31 lol

  12. bboyfabolous1994 says:

    And don’t just wish it! Do something about it!

  13. bboyfabolous1994 says:

    Go work!

  14. scene16com says:

    good job. u might consider recording your voice more effectively as your vocal is too low and raising the volume up and down (because of the disconnect with the track you work with) is tedious.

  15. SUBTRaKTR says:

    Ordered chaos. I randomly threw things together here – with real production work everything is ordered and placed accordingly. Takes a while to create a piece that sounds chaotic but has a logical flow to it. Blending freqs of these sounds over custom basslines and synths is another key aspect to creating something melodic and pleasing to the ear. Takes time layering but the results can be pretty sweet :)

  16. SUBTRaKTR says:

    Primarily using Ableton Live as a construction/performance platform – currently not doing much audio-related work – not enough time.

  17. sml2238 says:

    what daw are you using these days? and you switched to pc?

  18. XemptBand says:

    why not torrent it?

  19. Theblotthing says:

    hey…amazing stuff..really helped me out…I do however realize that making sense out of glitch can be a real challenge. so I am just spending a lot of time expirementing right now.

  20. wayne1492 says:

    wow nice tutorial really helped

  21. TheDigitalOnesTV says:

    Great video!!!

  22. jedirocker8 says:

    Dude! You are amazing! Thank you so much!!

  23. videobenji says:

    having ultrabeat alone is worth 200! and you’re getting a whole daw with industry standard synths like sculpture and es2, amazing sampler exs24, the list goes on. get a job shoveling dirt for a couple days. i believe in you.

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