Moombahton Tutorial for Ableton! pt1. The Drums

I was looking through youtube and noticed there isnt any tutorials on moombahton for ableton live. So i took my knowledge and started a series on how i produce moombahton. Of course i have so many tracks started that i havent finished but soon enough i will release moombahton. In the first video i will be showing you how to take create a nice drum rack for your productions and all the varieties you can use, which are alot! I know im not famous or pro to be teaching but i think anything could help or inspire someone to make some moombahton!! So if you like this video like it of course andsubscribe for more episodes!! BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD READ When you click the linkbucks link…wait the 8 seconds..then right click on skip ad and do COPY LINK!!! then paste that in your should get a mediafire link And as promised here is the Live Set!! with ALL the samples i used!!! For an easier download! Just give me a like! http Help me help you! Thank You Like me on facebook Follow me on twitter Check out my sound cloud
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  1. Andre Kleijn says:

    Side Chain Compression would really give you more groove to Moonbahton, so sounds aren’t competing with each other

  2. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    just google sound design videos….or download alot of presets and like look at them see what knobs do what…that stuff is very trial and error

  3. ApprovedByJesus says:

    i got a lot of vengeance samples now.
    I still need some knowledge on creating synths and basses with novation or massive (of which i have full versions) and then im all set.
    Could you make a simple tutorial on where to start with either of those programs because they really give me a bad time when im trying to figuring them out myself.
    thanks in advance, ive already spent hours in ableton while watching your videos :)

  4. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    google “almost all vengeace” you will find it :P

  5. ApprovedByJesus says:

    the sample pack you looked through sounded really great. can you maybe share it? Im really just missing the right percussion and synths :)

  6. rader5251 says:


  7. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    do the link bucks link…wait for skip ad…right click skip ad…copy link

    paste in browser thats it

  8. LouisvilleMultimedia says:

    file blocked…

  9. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    no problem im glad i could help you

  10. xTheFaNTaSTiiC says:

    Very good video, it gave me an idea about Moombahton drums. :) thanks mate.

  11. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    heheh i dont know why i said that :P ooops

  12. evducharme says:

    liked this video strictly for the final comment… “you can even tell me to go fuck myself” haha

  13. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    i inboxed you :P

  14. ByHultaN says:

    How do I add vengeance packs to Ableton? Please help me

  15. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    :P  :D

  16. gooodtimez47 says:

    haha its fine.. just funny

  17. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    yea im sorry for that :(

  18. gooodtimez47 says:

    The Facebook thing made me check everytime haha

  19. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    i use external audio units, vsts…such as massive, sylenth, nexus

  20. kiqueENT says:

    cool cool, are which Ableton software are using, and are u using Synths? or just the sets on ableton

  21. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    i believe im on 8.1.2 or something like that…yea man learn the tech stuff and im sure youll do great!!!

  22. kiqueENT says:

    Hey what ableton software are u using?

    i wanna jump on this, im a song writer for almost 10 yrs, i wanna start making electronic music(moombah n dirty dutch) n some dub

  23. TheOfficialMiisterE says:

    right click skip add…paste in new tab…and it should work!

  24. xKayzR says:

    File Blocked for Violation.

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