Music Production v. 1 – Reason Composition

Kept Blue of builds a beat from scratch in the software music program Reason.
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  1. Combinatorus says:

    Yeah! You’re a proffy, but for me it’s very difficult to catch anything – too fast manipulations. I’d be happy if sometime I could be able to do a half of that. Great.

  2. jdubbzRoyalTV says:

    took me about two hours to get it down and it’s still not even as good as this one, great technique

  3. gutzs says:

    most dub steppers use reason…

  4. Gemendelos says:

    Nice video, reason is such a nice program. Cool that it can be linked to Cubase to so one can use both at the same time.Reason got nice presets to.Im a big fan of the subtractor. If you want to listen to some good electronic music you can check my channel and have a listen if you feel like it : )

  5. WhiteLightning117 says:

    Dubstep ain’t got nothin’ on that, so why not kick it daft punk style?! -:D

  6. SaifTheMusicLover says:

    Owl city showed me this O.O

  7. dodexodus says:

    fuuuuuuuuck, i’ve been playing on reason for months, i can make all sorts of sounds and stuff i just can’t put a song together technically enough for me to be happy with the end product. This is inspiring, great thanks!

  8. Syndexioi says:

    3:23 – 3:40 = my favorite part

  9. tkojetu says:

    Great performance, excelent groove!
    Logic fan

  10. gat166 says:

    its fruity loops just better…

  11. iicyzX says:

    well done :D

  12. carlitozik says:

    Nice track in 10 minutes!!! ;-) 

  13. musiccomputing says:

    Did you guys know you can get all the hardware to get started in one easy to use package with the windows 7 equipped StudioBLADE keyboard workstation. It has the PC, sound card, control surface, keyboard and monitor built right in along with all the software needed to run a full studio! Check the link below for videos.

  14. GregReynoldsPhoto says:

    as soon as I can get my jaw off the table … WOW Awesome

  15. sk6mix says:

    Great job! Very inspiring,

  16. enjoipanda22 says:

    that is the tightest shit ever sick beat man

  17. tekn0ob says:

    hello, is this program good enough to create rap beats?

  18. TheGleisdreieck says:

    mines better xD

  19. redhairedstallion says:

    I know what type of music I’m not going to listen to.

  20. MelvinWren says:

    does this program do the same thing as fruity loops?

  21. Gemendelos says:

    Hi there,nice clip.Reason is a nice program,especially good at creating nice electronic music.If you want to check out some nice,fresh electronic music you can check out my page if you feel like it,got some real gems there for Ambient/chill out ,psytrance,progressive trance/house,goa,night psy and full on.Maybe you will like it and also get inspiration in how to create and bend soundwaves and how to create nice breaks,build ups,ways to shape sound etc.Anyway,have a great day,as said,nice clip!

  22. colin363 says:

    very nice work

  23. unitedrider90 says:

    veri noise`ley :)

  24. dejaimeneto says:


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