Sample Flip with Reason (3/3) – Make Music with Reason Oxygen25 MPD32 Sample Flippers! This is the final video in a short series on sample flipping. In this video, I show final original song I made from a simple flip of a guitar sample. I also cover – How I’m NOT using the ReGroove Mixer – How I reuse templates in Reason 6 – How I arrange music – My Reason Rack – Color-coding tracks Thanks for checking me out! Song Info: “Witness” Moody instruMental Music from the “Westward” collection by Taurus M. James (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.



  1. twinnsoniq says:

    Nice work man… I’m bout to check out your website. I’m trying to expand my musical style beyond Dirty South/West Coast music.

  2. Delimac says:

    I have just started with the regroove so I don’t have much to offer yet, but does anyone know where I can get the Akai MPC as a plugin ?

  3. ProfessaKA0S says:

    oh yeah by default the Global Shuffle amount is set to 62% and the only devices in the rack that can use it are Redrum, Matrix and the RPG-8 which all have a shuffle button, and the amount of shuffle apllied is dictated by the global shuffle knobs amount. And of course each ReGroove Mixer channel can use the global shuffle amount as I explained earlier.

  4. ProfessaKA0S says:

    the groove fader is the amount of the groove (from the loaded groove) is applied to the midi notes. So if you take a groove from a rex file or a drum pattern you made in the sequencer and load it into the regroove mixer the faders will control the amount (of the groove file) is applied to the midi notes. The Pre Align button I’m not so sure what that does. The global shuffle button makes the channel use the global shuffle settings instead of the channels shuffle settings. I hope this makes sense

  5. ProfessaKA0S says:

    About the ReGroove Mixer (if you have it blank) the Slide knobs will slide the midi note’s left(-) or right(+) by ticks as the amount value, the same way it can be done in the main sequencer. The Shuffle knobs will add an off beat (on certain notes) type of feel if turned ether left or right, turning it left will make ghost notes move more to the left and turning it to the right will make ghost notes move more to the right. It’s not easy to example its best to try it out and listen.

  6. zlmorrow24 says:


  7. ptitcka says:

    Wow, what a transformation!

  8. jhonmur0 says:

    muy buen trabajo , felicitaciones. 

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