Ableton Live Tutorial – Rhythmic Vocal Chops In this video Jonny Miller (Jus’Listen/Sonarpilot Audio) shows you how to add an interesting extra texture to your beats using random vocal hits, EQ and sidechain compression. He is using samples and loops from the Verbalism – Organic Loops pack available here: For more Ableton Live tutorials head to Please subscribe to our channel to make sure you don’t miss future exclusive tutorials from Point Blank Online school.



  1. dinfluence30 says:

    Thanx for this very interessting..

  2. vStylerJohnG says:

    EXCELLENT for building up top loops or textures… Thanks a bumch ! :D

  3. mikelezynski says:

    Sounds pretty cool dude

  4. theniftyneddd says:

    arghh i need those vocals :(

  5. CheyneMichaels says:

    Very interesting sound, I’ll try this later. Thank you!

  6. irie79 says:

    Great tutorial. Learned a lot from it. Thanks a lot!

  7. benweichiba says:

    Thank you tons for this great tutorial , I put it right to use on a quick track , please check it out (Beat 1 ) Ben Wei @ Soundcloud, this is something I would never discover on my own , your tutorials are great…

  8. ClassicCult says:

    lame, i would just get kim kardashian vocals and put her through my MPC with a cool midi pattern. follow action is more for basslines and synths.

  9. soneoo says:

    Wow that side compression tip with the EQ just changed my life lol, I always split the kicks/bass into a separate track for side compression :) .

  10. soneoo says:

    Cool stuff man, going to check out your other videos to fine tune what I think I already know!

  11. pointblankonline says:

    Thanks. We also do courses in Cubase for production as well as digital DJing with Serato. Unfortunately there we do not get enough demand for Reason courses to justify running them. You can find the whole course brochure on our website (via the link in video description).
    All the best

  12. ndklowkey says:

    Im a Reason 5 user, never really done much in Ableton but this looks wikid would love to try this. Do you only do course’s in Logic Pro and Ableton??

  13. salladspojk says:

    really wanna try that with some congos :D cool thnx

  14. gk111127 says:

    How Do I Hook My Turntables Up To Ableton -

  15. FreshnessStudio1 says:

    tnx so much johnny,

  16. funkmonkey06 says:

    such a cool tip!!

  17. 1T0B says:

    Thanks for the great inspiration.

  18. antimarxism says:


  19. 1Czechdrak says:

    Really intresting idea, nice video. Thank you!

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