Bassline Tutorial Day 4 Pt 2: A Dirty Dubstep-y Bass [7 Day Song] – head over to my website to see the text version of the tutorial, grab some samples and check out my other blogs and tutorials! And http for the forum (Shocking, right?) In Day 4 of the 7 day song Bassline Tutorial, I’ll still be teaching you how to make 2 more bassline bass synths



  1. BelgianJungleSound says:

    put your tempo to 150ish, distort an 808 and put it on every 1/4 note, and last but not least get a sample of some girl shagging or a really cheesy vocal and introduce it before the “drop”.

  2. PeterKeuneVideos says:

    Ohhhhh so you think you could do better? Please make a 7 day tutorial and show us how much better you are than Dave…If not Stfu

  3. jackmn22 says:

    i kinda like this, it reminds me of flux pavilion – hold me close

  4. hooligram says:

    This sucks massive donkey balls

  5. l33tMaster1337 says:

    did someone mentioned, that this is gay?
    Well, it is-.-

  6. trevor55chevy265ci says:


  7. MrGarfRichards says:

    Hey, I have one coming soon. If you haven’t found one already…

  8. MrGarfRichards says:

    The program is Reason, made by Propellerhead. Goto their site and download the demo. From memory I believe there is one.

  9. benaboody says:

    cool tutorials, mate. but the jokes suck so much!

  10. arkaros0 says:

    i find it easyer to make wobbles with subtractor if u want them to be dirty but thats just me

  11. MrJynx85 says:

    check out my channel for proper dirty bass. sorry dave not feeling this at all mate

  12. wads40 says:

    then you obviously haven’t gone outside of of what he teaches. HE gives you the basics, you can obviously change them and get something really nasty.

  13. djravageuk says:

    this is as dirty as a bottle of kitchen cleaner.

  14. j69d says:

    lmao dirty little riff!

  15. j69d says:

    lmfaoo “Its already sounding quite dirty, but we’re gunna make it much dirtier” that made me piss

  16. toodietoodieomg says:

    this doesnt sound dirty, tbh it sounds a bit gay

  17. Fred66613 says:

    you’re a legend. :)

  18. alindaniel2006 says:

    can someone tell me the name of the program or from where can i download it

  19. ibcrazysumtimes says:

    i would love to see a sampling and chopping hip hop tutorial

  20. jerrythehuman says:

    Thanks for all your help.

  21. sludgewig says:

    thanx mate i was lookin 4 a tutorial on a dirrty dubstep bass

  22. codybird344 says:

    Nice tutorial, I’d love to see a hardstyle one

  23. mynes120 says:

    Yup Hardstyle would be nice ;P

  24. Staticshriek says:

    These tutorials are great :D
    Even though im waiting for a hardstyle one, i feel inspired to make some electro

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