Electro House Tutorial Day 4: Adding a sexy Electro Lead [7 Day Song]

www.boyinaband.com – head over to my website to see the text version of the tutorial, grab some samples and check out my other blogs and tutorials! In day 4, I’ll be teaching you how to make a sexy lead synth to go on top of our Electro House beat! This will incorporate scream 4′s tube distortion, some EQing, compression and limiting to create our effect.



  1. AnalogVenture says:

    hard/easy doesn’t matter if you can produce good tracks. Porter Robinson, Avicii, and others have created some pretty complex works on FL Studio. Personally though, its not for me.

  2. 8B6EB8 says:

    god youre a dumb fuck. 2 months ago a fl studio track went no.1 on beatport. the program doesnt make a difference, stupid. its about how well you can write songs.

  3. RollAnotherJ says:

    havent used it myself but i have heard its a pretty good bit of kit, the only reason i chose Reason was because I took a few lessons in music production. Then i realized i was paying for something i could get on the internet for naff all XD

  4. 2BCBattlefield says:

    Alright, Logic Pro also is quite a PAIN to learn :D

  5. RollAnotherJ says:

    its not sudden, ive had it a while :D . no but seriously I dont hate it as much as the comment would suggest, although i dont like how simple it makes things. the reason i chose Reason in the first place is because I read it allowed more functionality (not sure how true that is) while at the same time being more difficult to use, I chose the hard route in order to accomplish more, some -not necessarily saying you- would chose the easy route of FL studios.

  6. 2BCBattlefield says:

    What is this sudden hate on Fl Studio…

    Its as good as any other DAW out there. Sure, its beginner friendly but so what?

    I love my FL Studio, Reaper and Logic Pro and use them on daily basis

  7. RollAnotherJ says:

    fuck FL.

  8. HalcyonAZ says:

    you can create a synth with thor and rewire reason to fl studio

  9. peragutt says:


  10. stav366 says:

    Which plugin does he uses ?

  11. stav366 says:

    Which plug in does he uses ?

  12. AceTheIntrovertMusic says:

    thor is the best. thor is for everything

  13. AndreiDumy says:

    Reason 4

  14. JKiller1411 says:

    wat software is tht?? wats the name of that program ur using?

  15. lachance1111 says:

    hey man if i understand correctly heres one thing to try: make sure before u copy track that the combinator is highlighted in the sequencer section. If another synth or redrum machine is highlighted, it will go into that respective lane. hope this helps!

  16. intensetional says:

    you can rewire reason to play in ableton..

  17. scrubblybear1 says:

    Does anybody know how I can achieve this sound in Ableton Live?

  18. itchydez says:

    Haha! Get on Reason!

  19. AurisDJ says:

    just download reason then

  20. dayv619 says:

    check out the song i did in my channel with the help of daves tutorials
    i didnt have anything to record vocals in it so i put the vocals of a david guetta song
    anyways check it out i would appreciate any feed back or tips to make me better

  21. imababyshark says:

    I got a question, i’ve got redrum in the combinator, and when i copy pattern to track, it doesn’t show up on the Combinator lane, instead, a new redrum track appears and the pattern copied into it. how do i stop this new Redrum lane from appearing, i want the pattern to go straight into the combinator lane. anyone know how to do this, please? thanks guys

  22. siucsaluki11 says:

    I tried learning FL for a bit, but ditched it when i got reason. I am using reason 5.0 and following along quite well. This guy knows his stuff, and as far as 4.0v5.0, only experience i have with 4.0 is watching vids/tutorials, and ive been using those on 5, its just organization differences…so far…

  23. ToxikWings says:


  24. RikayTV says:

    well there are a few songs that make me feel all warm on the inside….he’s okay.

  25. BestRemixesOnly says:

    well everyone has his own opinion…i cant make u like afrojack and his music…how about deadmau5?

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