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Download FL Studio here – flstudio.image-line.com Buy FL Studio with Lifetime FREE Updates here – shop.image-line.com Music made in FL Studio by Toby Emerson www.soundcloud.com www.tobyemersonmusic.com Lyrics recorded in FL Studio by Veela http
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  1. TheTechnoKid05 says:

    The song used is called “Secret Life ft. Dwizz” by Toby Emerson, of course. I also plan to make techno, dubstep, and some trance when I get the hang of things on FL Studio 10.

  2. imageline says:

    Sony Vegas + Camtasia Studio

  3. imageline says:

    Just route a Mixer track to another and keep adding FX.

  4. imageline says:

    Look in the manual under – Updating & Upgrading Procedure (down the bottom of the index)

  5. imageline says:

    Yes we do even if it’s 3 months late ;)

  6. imageline says:

    Sony Vegas + Camtasia

  7. imageline says:


  8. Stefan Ionita says:

    a lot of stuff about I do not know, lol :) )

  9. Bonaqua80 says:

    It says who made the tune but not what the name of the song is.. I went through pretty much all the songs on soundcloud but couldn’t find it?
    Can anyone tell me what its called please?

  10. spackoman66 says:

    I don’t see the song name in the “video information”

  11. NFSmegaFAN says:

    can you make a tutorial of the song please ??? I NEED IT

  12. oyumryhnryhnrnrtyuny says:

    So much better than that duturbo garbage!!!! There are so many hidden abilities in FL. It really is the above its competitors.

  13. BukyLkaLapyLka says:

    Which program was used for the video?

  14. wiilover55 says:

    This song is just absolutely epic, I want it sooo badly.

  15. 5argon says:

    so beautiful & colorful …

  16. Chrisisballin93 says:

    dear imageline will you ever release FL studio for MACOSX?

  17. trickbeat2012 says:

    nice FL!

  18. OsamaBinLadenReal says:

    fl studio is the best!!!

  19. Nayour mixes says:

    can be downloaded? in flp file

  20. DimmuB says:

    Update on Mac beta? PLEASE! I love you guys, but I hate Windows so much.

  21. tyjuji says:

    Best trailer I’ve ever heard! 10/10

  22. skatemark95 says:

    can you guys upload the lead that kicks off at 4:05? amazing how you guys keeps it up! love your work

  23. SuperFloyd187 says:


    Check out one of my tracks made in fl studio guys :)

    You wont be dissapointed :)

  24. St4rdog says:

    When double-clicking a note in the piano roll, how do I stop it going into selection mode? Beyond annoying. It wasn’t like that in previous versions.

  25. GhostofWar49 says:

    now I stopped at the beginning to ask a quick question.. I saw a video tutorial for making easy trance and he used nexus, I don’t have FL studio at the moment but is that already installed in it? because if the comments of his video someone said that they didnt have nexus and the author told him to use styrus.. what’s he talking about? Can you help me out please?

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