FL Studio – Mixing and Mastering Tutorial (Basic Tips)

*make sure you have annotation on to follow instructions* watch in 720p and full screen for better viewing. In this video tutorial i will show you how you can make your music track sound more professional and bring it to life using mixing and mastering. if you have ever finished making your track and it just don’t sound right and sounds very basic and lifeless then using the mixer and master fx you can make it sound a lot better, which is how professional producers make their music better. The exact settings and fx i use in this video may not work your track because every song is different and needs different fx tweaking, this video is just to give you an idea of how you can give your track more energy, but you will most likely need to use your own settings because again each song is different, but if you just play around with the settings your track will start to sound much better. If this video helps you out then please leave a thumbs up, comment or even subscribe. Thanks, and enjoy making music.



  1. WHITEYxM says:

    Yeah i think so

  2. Hevesh5 says:

    Is a wav file better than mp3?

  3. tranceemerson says:

    0:14 here you state “and you are wondering how the pros make their tracks sound a lot better” don’t lead your viewers on, just tell them what you told me instead. Anyways, to your credit you did do some things right.

  4. WHITEYxM says:

    But i never said i know all about it, i don’t even produce music on a professional level, just something i like to mess around with in spare time and by no means am i saying that watching this video will make your tracks the best because i don’t even really know how to master properly myself, this is really just to show beginners a few things they can do to get slightly better sound.

  5. tranceemerson says:

    If you want to, I can teach you a few things that will greatly improve your mix and your mastering job. otherwise you can continue to think you know all about it, and remain in your state of ignorance and self-aggrandizement.

  6. tranceemerson says:

    because even in 20 years I can still learn more. This video did not teach me anything beyond the things my College professors taught me never to do. I was hoping for something quite a bit more enlightening considering that FL studio is lacking in tutorials on this subject that address the plugin- delay compensation issues.

  7. WHITEYxM says:

    If you have 20 years of experience then why are you watching a tutorial video?

  8. tranceemerson says:

    I agree in the 20 years of experience that I have this is the most atrocious pile of slop mastering job I’ve ever seen. his answer in a nutshell is to compress the mix several times.

  9. Atrox Bass says:

    Thank you so much bro ! Respect from Atrox Bass ;)

  10. hiphopsamplez says:

    Wooowww – good one!

  11. ZennnnX says:

    THanks dude u really helped

  12. FieliaElectronic says:

    ooo ooo, me, I have a Question! Is there a difference if you pan it in the mixer and the channel itself?

  13. Zheer96 says:

    Why don’t you use Asio drivers?

  14. Prakhar Raikwar says:

    For all people arguing and compressors and all, Mastering is all about making your music sound good different people have different ways of mastering their music cuz it all depends on how you want it to sound like afterall its your music, btw nice tut(:

  15. CompHelpSweden says:

    I love how ppl here complain like ” omg don’t put that much compression ughuhguhguhguhlolotrololol” Who are you guys? some professional music producer?? cause obviously you came here reason being to learn how to master and mix your tracks. If you knew better ways don’t be here.

  16. WHITEYxM says:

    lol its an easy quick way of making the track sound a bit better if you can’t be bothered with mixing/mastering

  17. DejayKnuk says:

    It’s needed, but you have t agree, he used it wrong :p

  18. DejayKnuk says:

    Well, I’m not sure how to put this. You kinda ruined your own song.
    video: “Now we’re done with the mixing”. I was like: “are you fucking serious??, you gotta be kidding”

    Your levels are way to high, and as others has mentioned, you used way to much compression.

    I guess it’s an ok try to mix and master, but not a legit tutorial, keep on making music, you’ll get it one day :)

  19. randombaz says:

    Cheers mate, helped me a lot :) thanks for the free value

  20. OSAMAxxxxxxxxxxyz says:

    do you call this professional?

  21. rikardTold says:

    Thanks Whitey this was very helpful, I have always known I need to “mix and master” but I have never understood it but now atleast I got a clue. Thanks alot and keep doing videos!

  22. TheSlyder101 says:

    i love how people act like know it alls when clearly they searched for a tutorial for this

  23. WHITEYxM says:

    Look on my videos it’s called ‘WhiTeY – Dub N bass’

  24. 1m1l says:

    You just overcompressed it o.o Not even gonna watch the explanation.

  25. narutofanatic0999 says:

    Song please :D 

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