KutMasta Kurt MPC Tutorial – Step 2

Beat making video from the Grand Royal crew. Excuse the quality it’s from an online stream 2001 style.
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. DJOnesNzeroS says:

    Nice tips

  2. Eltalstro says:

    “This is the spanking of the ass”

  3. djmrmystic says:

    Kurt lacing us with real game!

  4. blightytater says:

    It’s the 2000XL

  5. DoctorSess says:

    thats the 60?

  6. goongod says:


  7. jimdooky says:

    this beat is from “Souped Up” off of one the dopest album sever made Masters of Illusion

  8. rubberjinx says:

    i feel thizz yeah i feel it too fuck nice!

  9. SaintBstard says:

    kurts to ill

  10. djshez1970 says:

    “in the air like a molecule”

  11. bigjerkface2000 says:

    ur naked wife knows im cocky

  12. AuthentiqProductions says:

    dope as fuck

  13. zekone83 says:

    lol great

  14. djblessnukka says:

    kutmasta kurt + kool kieth illest ever

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