Massive Tutorial: Filthy Bass [Skrillex, Bassnectar, xKore]

Filthy cool bass I made in Massive. Subscribe for more tutorials! Check out my original songs on my channel! If you want any tutorials, request them in the comments. KSD’s: password: ilovemrc Other Cool Downloads: Youtube Twitter: Soundcloud: Indaba: Business Email: – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - Random Tags: deadmau5 skrillex dj way electronic house trancish 2009 2010 2010 top best dj blend david guetta electro dj producer feed me sofi bang software dubstep unique Professor Green freestylers ukf dubstep epic network lazy richrecords wolfgang gartner dj blend youtube xmas christmas upload electronic house dj producer tiesto electro beat chase and status Electro House Techno Top Best New swedish house mafia quantum 2011 top best electro top best techno top best house daft punk rihanna immediate DnB Drum n bass nzmusic101 enzed ryan electro house deadmau5 electro house logic bassline massive electro bassline skrillex music tutorial synth tutorial ryan enzed tiesto wolfgang gartner music how to how to make a bassline music production dance production progressive best wolfgang ryanenzed music tutorials Apple logic tutorials dirtyloud porter robinson synthesizer electro house bassline native club instruments complextro dance music production skrillex bassline trance synths native
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  1. MrC4alex says:

    Nice video ! do you have a little trick to make the sound not restart when you hold a key ?

  2. MrC4alex says:

    i think it is that you need the last massive version

  3. stoneyjonez says:

    Holy shit I love this bass

  4. anaujirampot says:

    thx man help alot

  5. DUBTHUGG says:

    me massive no have dis “woody”

  6. MRCOfficialBassMusic says:

    Please take the spam, and like bot, somewhere else

  7. BellexSapphiree says:

    @tjagfez yes I was desperately searching for a nice software to compose killer beats. btw! i heard that this is the best software used by dj pro’s for their club mixes. get the best one here >

  8. EchoElektro says:

    Anyone else think the first time the synth plays it sounds like Space Junk by Wolfgang Gartner?

  9. 4dndf91 says:

    I find it better to use Envelope 4 instead of the performer because the performer doesn’t allow a steady note, it repeats after the ratio you’ve selected.

  10. Aceofdusk says:

    whats the password

  11. gumbootz1 says:

    Can you make Featurecast bass like this at arfound 1:18 mark. —->>> featurecast – dreamer

  12. Mr1Kira says:

    Please can you make a tutorial on Cyberpunkers – Check This Out PLEASE !!!!

  13. MonoMilitiaMusic says:

    If you don’t have the woody oscillator for some reason, use inharmonics.
    If you don’t have the hardclipper, use the parabolic shaper
    Great tut.

  14. PonyBassDrops says:

    “If that was too loud you should turn down the volume.” I know not of this ‘volume’ ye speak of.

  15. MRCOfficialBassMusic says:

    lol :P its really not that complicated once you get used to it :)

  16. ZenSoulStar says:

    Ah,I see.I have FL,I always thought Logic Pro was too complicated ’cause I’ve never seen any videos with it ^^

  17. MRCOfficialBassMusic says:

    Well the bass is made in Massive and my DAW (music program) is called Logic Pro 9.

  18. ZenSoulStar says:

    What software is this?

  19. AZerrC says:

    Great video!

  20. MRCOfficialBassMusic says:

    you mean plucks kinda like deadmau5? also, in Massive?

  21. Cloud9musicGroupWA says:

    Also I see alot of people giving tutorials for mainstream electronic sounds .. i know alittle about sound design but not enough to really make anything other then the typical dubstep sounds and a variety of deep basses. If you could make some tutorials and some UNIQUE high tone- Plucky/Stab-like leads (sorta imagine a clean electric guitar or acoustic guitar) ive been having diffuclty making anything that doesnt sound like it belongs in mario or sonic the hedge hog ahhah

  22. MRCOfficialBassMusic says:

    true! I kinda forget to do that while making the tutorial. I’ll try to keep that in mind next time i make a tutorial for anything :D

  23. Cloud9musicGroupWA says:

    good tutorial but you should show what the sound is like along the way! thanks for the design though

  24. MRCOfficialBassMusic says:


  25. MRCOfficialBassMusic says:

    cool! thanks man. 

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