Miarmy Teaser Demo

Details: www.basefount.com
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  1. Raptorel says:

    This is amazing

  2. Basefount says:

    Everything is OK, Miarmy 1.2 will be released in next week! Thank you so much!

  3. vasbyollu says:

    Hows it going guys?

  4. HerrBarium says:

    @Basefront That is totally fine. Take you time, just curious to see what was happening :) 

  5. Basefount says:

    Deeply sorry for another delay. We changed the collision detection algorithm for AI (maybe 3 ~ 5 times faster than before), that was very important and just finished. Also we should redo some samples and write some tutorials for you. Download MUST BE OPENED in next weekend!! Thank you very much!

  6. HerrBarium says:

    Any news on this guys?

  7. HerrBarium says:

    Thanks so much for the quick reply. Looking forward to trying it out!

  8. Roshan Negi says:

    amzing pulg in yr its looks really great

  9. Basefount says:

    Thanks for your questions, we are not pricing yet now, maybe 500~600. It support only 3delight rendering in Maya and able to export Rib for other renderman renderer.

  10. HerrBarium says:

    or, is it going to support other renderers at one point?

  11. HerrBarium says:

    Massive for Maya! This is totally insanely awesome! If it works.. ;)
    Any idea of the cost of the final product + does it only support renderman?

  12. EroticarTV says:

    Good choice of music as well guys :) 

  13. scubedio says:

    amazing plugin…waiting for tat……thnx

  14. scubedio says:

    amazing plugin…waiting for tat……thnx

  15. Basefount says:

    Thanks for your concern. This product will provide a FOREVER FREE version with full features inside but some limitations. Coming soon in the end of July. There will be no node connection or programming any more. Crowd simulation will not gonna be so easy ,! Wait for us~ Thx !!

  16. octavianmihailescu says:

    holly motherfucking wow!!!! :D

  17. chilefex says:

    holy crap…looks good

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