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Learn more at www.dubspot.com One of the original Ableton Certified Training Centers in the world, Dubspot has become the premier music school for experienced and aspiring artists alike. Just as importantly, Dubspot is an ever-growing community of musicians, DJs, visual artists, audio professionals, veteran producers and enthusiasts of all genres who share one thing — A genuine passion for music.
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  1. UnnecessaryCinematic says:

    Maybe you didnt see the beginning of the video where there were famous dj/producers

  2. Recovery270 says:

    How much is it 2 join dis skool and is it a college

  3. C0LDWiR3 says:

    I wish i had money.. :/

  4. SupiBecci says:

    @ovlnsuy yes I agree can’t even believe it I was desperately searching for a nice software to compose killer beats. Listen to this the software which are used to make killer trance is been public now. you can get it here : bit.ly/OMYUzk?=asecyn

  5. Damian Nixey says:

    @gray22105. Agreed. 

  6. gdydd says:

    Giles Peterson looks zonked

  7. djxgroove says:

    buenos videos.

  8. dewyandsprite says:

    im in okinawa japan and in the military. im seriously thinking about taking this course. i think my time in the Marines might be up and im looking for something i would love to do…i even just bought my first system…Traktor Kontrol S4. !!!! i definately have to look more into this …thanx

  9. DjVeeOfficial says:

    I took these lessons, they are amazing, check out my mix in my channel

  10. MrHyphyRackball says:

    Or if you’re really interested ad serious about music production then you will spend every hour of the day perfecting your sound organically with your own techniques. That’s what I don’t get… there’s only so much you can learn about mixing, panning, automation, side chaining, and any other production tool that you plateau. At that point, it seems as if it’s your songwriting ability that will get you somewhere. You can be serious about music production and not go Dubspot.

  11. funnyfails0903 says:

    Dubspot rules

  12. lumpkinsmusic says:

    If your really interested and serious about music production, or performing then you will do whatever you can to come to Dubspot. I have completed a few courses and still working on another here. There is no rep to push the school, its simply about the passion for music here. Simply come to a open house they have one every sunday and see for yourself. I can guarantee you wont find a better place to study music and meet people with the same passion. Just check their website and videos.

  13. pcigroot says:

    according to what i got from there website. 3 diff. types of courses. and they all range from several months to a year or past a year. It is HOLY SHIT expensive. prices i saw then were like from 6 grand to like 15 grand. No average new yorker or anyone at that matter can afford that really. from what i can tell though what can you expect when they have all that equipment and plus an instructer. no clue on the instructers or how good they are.

  14. pcigroot says:

    heard about this, went straight to website and shit myself from the price. it wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooo expensive for any regular person to afford.

  15. MrErtonn says:

    there is the sae , it’s a international official course . the best one of new york , paris , london . you have one in sydney , byron bay , melbourne , adelaide and perth .
    cheers mate

  16. LifeOnMercury says:


  17. B1aKWoLf says:

    dubspot to UK!

  18. bradjames88 says:

    haha that Australian Canberra Raiders jersey is so random 2:16

  19. Nafuckya says:

    Well thats sweet to know!

  20. KandymanMusik says:

    that place is heaven. lol

  21. Marchuary says:

    What’s the name of the song at the very beginning and then again at the end?

  22. tomaytemptation says:

    If this was a proper degree or diploma, I’d be on that shit.

  23. mosdefisill says:

    you guys have classes on hip hop production?

  24. ThisIsNative says:

    Dubspot helped us get were we are today.

  25. Moritz Schaub says:

    Its like in the heaven!!

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