Apple Logic Tutorial – Fix pitch & timing of your Vox and Guitars presents how to Fix pitch & timing of your Vox and Guitars, using Flex audio. Part 2 of our music producer tutorial videos with Rob Jones on Apple’s Logic Pro 9.



  1. jewze1 says:

    thanks a lot sucribed!!! i am a bass player is possibles to change my live bass pitch without affecting the quality? cuz i have tried the “A.u pitch” futur but it changes the quality of the sound. thanks again if anything

  2. maradnus says:

    i recomend taking a month off work and just do stuff.. that way you will understand the program from your point of view and then go looking for vids on how to better what you know.. i have been with logic for 12 years about.. and i have learned it all my self..
    then i come looking how to do tricks and all that as i dont have the time i use to

  3. randombollocks says:

    i think i have pro 8 :( im just learning to use this programme with a makie onyx studio thing as you can tell i dont exactly know anything about the fiddling of this programme so i will be subbin as ive learned so much over 3 videos thanx

  4. cuda440 says:

    Very solid How to. Thanks.

  5. MikePetersBluStarr1 says:

    There’s a lot of poor tutorials out there. This is definitely NOT one of them. Well done for clarity and thoroughness!!!

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