BASSNECTAR | iLL GATES – BOOMBOX Remix – Shot By Tyler Young

Bessnectar | iLL Gates remix – Boom Box, Ground Illusions Breakdance Crew, Toronto Ontario, Shot and Edited by Tyler Young




    Ill Gates really remix the shit out of this song. I love this more than the original and thats saying alot.

  2. TheTrueDT3CH says:

    I love that part…

  3. xXRogathXx says:

    Came for the song, stayed for the song

  4. Mustacheftw says:

    I know. I used it as reference ;) Thanks for your efforts and time to share, it is certainly appreciated.

  5. Tyler Young says:

    then watch my other Bassnectar video… jeez

  6. Mustacheftw says:

    Would rather watch a video of a bassnectar crowd having fun.

  7. DennysWalega says:

    better than original

  8. MrWhtbred94 says:

    My brain is melting

  9. AngryKhan says:

    this is the best version of boombox, shame its not up there on youtube.

  10. chizzidydoodah says:

    2 people don’t like boomboxes.

  11. jacobtvpuckett says:

    hell fuckin yes. favorite part

  12. jacobtvpuckett says:


  13. Tyler Young says:


  14. MRUNIQUETOYZ says:

    there is nothing in life that i can’t achieve!

  15. Tyler Young says:

    haha he’s all about the love

  16. bassheadJD says:

    Someone really quoted eminem, and related these?!WTF!

  17. heathmilner says:

    it wont let me make it louder damnit

  18. Zakey89 says:

    2:00 is just fucking sex

  19. theguyincharge says:

    2 people’s brains have been liquefied from massive levels of bass and they are no longer able to make rational decisions.

  20. MrKenKanif says:

    Yoh !!! Bass So Phat it’ll put ur mother to shame!!!!!

  21. phobass says:

    1 person just doesn’t quite get it.

  22. AberzombieAndFitch says:

    132 – 0 dislikes.
    This has to be a record.

  23. iwud69 says:

    sic Just fuckin’ sic!!!

  24. Tyler Young says:


  25. javoromo says:

    one deaf person voted!

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