FL Studio FPC with Akai MPC

This is just a basic tutorial that shows how to use the Akai MPC as a midi controller with the FPC in FL Studio. This is just the way I do it, if you know a better way or anything to add, please let me know. I made this video because this was actually a challenge for me at first, so it might help you.
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  1. LetsPlayToDeath says:

    thanks so fuckn much oO!!! exactly what i searched for 2 days long!!!

  2. Equalibeats says:

    I have an mpd32. I’m wondering if it this is more sensitive and responsive. I used to have an MPC and want to buy one again because I think it is more reliable for live situations. Tho I work in FL too..so it would be tight to just have an MPC doubling as a controller. Plus its fun to make beats on an MPC sometimes so you also have that option.

  3. Ckret1000 says:

    If you use a regular usb will that also work the same?

  4. ltbproductionz says:

    FL Studio is the best! Get @ me

  5. ltbproductionz says:

    Amazing Vid!!

  6. CentipedeTheReal says:

    if you’re trying to use it as a controller on your pc, then yes.

  7. 123nicknick456 says:

    im trying to fix the delay when hitting a pad. I changed the sound driver to asio4all v2 and no sound is coming out of my laptop. How do i fix that?? Im using an Akai MPK mini

  8. delakush666 says:

    cause now we have both options .

  9. callofduty0323 says:

    Hey can you hook a akai mpc xr20 to fl studio and add sounds to the mpc through fl studio?

  10. koopmangetem says:

    yo wuz good can it work for the mpc2000xl or no?

  11. JF1R says:

    so you NEED an interface to use a mpc?

  12. theoriginalbeatsmith says:

    Dope. Appreciate the tutorial tip. Helped out a great deal.

  13. 5950caps says:

    k I had my mpc500 working perfect with the fpc, i had to unplug the usb midi cable and i plugged it back in. it always says that the output midi ports are “busy”. any idea why it’s saying this now and how to fix it?

  14. DJOnesNzeroS says:

    This is the first vidio to get me going after a month of Sundays beating my head against the mpc, thank you! ,,,/

  15. benja303 says:

    Seems like most of the people who watched this rushed into buying gear w/ no research

  16. rtbeetz says:

    i have an mpc1000 & fl9..i wanna be able to play all my drums,hats,samples etc..thru mpc,but I wanna use my midi keyboard to record my melodies from fl9 into my mpc..I guess i wanna either structure the song on the mpc or fl9,is this possible?

  17. MroofkaAsocjacja says:

    thx a lot, mate !!

  18. Trig231 says:

    what about mixer and u do it with a mixer

  19. InspectaMorze says:

    say u use mpc by its self aswell, u travel so u take it places.. but u also want to control software, u tellin me u gunna pay for an mpc then go buy a mpd aswell? gtfoh

  20. iamthenewkid says:

    im gettin a midi mpc and this video helps alot!! great job
    i see you’re using the asio4all
    could you maybe recommend a good driver with low latency for windows 7?

  21. xxxMoGxxx says:

    I got an Inteface, to which i connectet my MPC with only one MIDI cable, this Interface is connectet to my computer over the USB port. I just want to try to use it with fl studio. Its actually not workin can you help me pls ? And how i have to do the setup on the MPC and in fl studio…..

  22. LivinNostalgia says:

    I know I can just drag samples in the step sequencer and time stretch them there. But it’d nice if I could time stretch them in the FPC in FL. Is this possible?

  23. keensense says:

    @DiaBeatsBelgium yeah it should be fine..I’m pretty sure both have midi ports and if you connect them to a midi interface that is connected by usb to your computer, it should work fine

  24. CHRCAR5 says:

    how can i do this with cuabse i olso have mpc 2500 jjos ? thank you

  25. mikejylla says:

    nice video..thx!…you think I can play a sample I recorded on the mpc (from vinyl) in Fl studio?

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