M-Audio AXiom Pro vs Novation SL MK2

Expert Rob Jones takes a look at the two newest MIDI controllers from M-Audio and Novation and compares.
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  1. mproductionsmusik says:

    The LED nobs are made in plastic or metal?

  2. smartwerker says:

    49 SL MkII !!!!!!!!!!!!! straightforward design and usage.

  3. selformm1 says:

    Please, help me to make a true choise Novation sl mk 2 61 or M-audio axiom pro 61.
    (I heard that Novation have some noise of keys, is it true? Is noise loud?
    (What midi controller give you better feellings of keys?)
    (And what about quality, what keyboards will no broke with carefully using and what have more ofen brokes?)
    Please, who played on both keyboards write, what is better? Maby you know some advantages, or disadvantages of any of this keyboard. So i need any help…

  4. thacenuevo says:

    hey got a better @dea how about shpi

  5. mindstormsabrewin says:

    I solved it I think by going into the global parameter on the keyboard itself. It was a few months ago so I don’t remember exactly the procedure. Somewhere in the Global parameter is the Calibrate function. I think you have to move the stick from full up to full down to get it to reset itself. Let me know if it worked for you. Sorry I can’t remember more!

  6. Timothy Oliver says:

    If you figure this out, please let me know. That is something I have been having trouble with.

  7. mproductionsmusik says:

    I wondering if the Axiom Pro Drum Pads are better than the Basic Axiom MKII Pads …………

  8. AudioPlayInc says:

    6:03 Novation Has Movies With Some Bald Guy,
    6:06 M-Audio Has Movies By An Even Balder Guy

    Has This Guy Got Something Against Bald People…. LOL!

  9. savagecabage says:

    it looks like its more broken than stuck, if you dont pause it at 1:20 you can see its moving around a bit

  10. tokke4 says:

    Wich is THE best or Logic ? Thanks

  11. Ad3l1naR3c0rdS says:

    in need of sum help..i can get my nocturn25 to work with my sonar LE anybody no why???

  12. DJTarski says:

    Thanks that was really helpful, although now I’ve got a harder decision as the SL is better than I first thought

  13. JoeyRec says:

    This guy works for Novation, when I owned automap he was explaining it, like he shows on this video.. a little biased maybe?? I had nothing but headaches using automap I returned it after like a month.. this is the newer one, but all I know is around a year ago automap sucked and I was using Logic on a Mac.

  14. mindstormsabrewin says:

    I have the Novation 61SLmkII. One problem: The vibrato stick wont return to zero. In other words there is no vibrato when I play regularly. Then when I push the stick up for some vibrato, when I let the stick back down, the vibrato remains. Really annoying! Anyone know how to fix this? I just downloaded automap 4 from their site this morning. It didn’t help. I emailed them explaining this. Anyone had this problem? Resolved?

  15. djariell10 says:

    how does axiom pro works with Ableton Live? it’s so esay?

  16. 4pples says:

    “Hang on, doesn’t he work for Novation, well the answer is No” then he follows that with he “works for numerous other manufactures, INCLUDING Novation”.. So the answer is YES dipshit not ‘no’… marketing at it’s finest lol..

  17. magicmodulator says:

    Thanks for sharing really usefull to see what the novation can do

  18. mr4y says:

    As a funny fact, even NI Maschine controller has a preset for Studio One and it’s newer than the Remote SL MK2

  19. mr4y says:

    Well, I guess Novation is not insterested in my money either.

  20. spector969 says:

    yeah, it was a disappointment for me as I bought the novation board to replace the shoddy hardware of the axiom, only to find the “map” was far from “auto” (in my case), I’m constantly surprised by the lack of a truly all-round great midi keyboard controller, I’m hoping Yamaha or someone will bring out something decent at NAMM in a few weeks..I doubt it, but there’s always hope lol

  21. MrDeemsMusic says:

    Ah that makes sense. I work in Logic Pro and Ableton so my experience with Automap has been pretty flawless thus far.

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