MPC University | MPC Renaissance Program Edit & Pad Assign Join the conversation! http Young Guru brings you through the program edit mode on the MPC Renaissance. Learn how to set up a program and assign different sounds to different pads. Follow guru through this tutorial and begin making your own beats on the MPC Renaissance in no time. Connect with Young Guru:
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  1. rougenavarre says:

    Perfect video. Very good HD image, and Young Guru is the best for tutorials.

  2. unitedwourldent says:

    maschine doesnt have its own audio interface thou…

  3. rougenavarre says:

    Hi there…Ok. Hummm. For me, it is clear that if…
    IF Akai updates THIS….Regularly…It will let behind all the previous products. Great large hardware, clear, comfortable, quick sampling with inboard card, instant QLinks mapping. Great job. But Please, Akai team, do regularly updates, not as the Mpc 5K. It is urgent. Don’t deceive us.

  4. moahspeaks says:

    Great job Young Guru!

  5. mixman29 says:

    ^ done with maschine for half the price.

  6. mixman29 says:

    Not worth the price I can get it don’t with maschine for half the price tag.

  7. ChamberMusic7 says:

    wow ..akai finally let people comment on their videos

  8. phatdrums says:

    Great Video. Layering the drums are super easy to do.

  9. William Beckem says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s better than Maschine it’s about the same. I also wonder if he knew that all the background noise of people talking got into the video, how rude of them talking during the production.

  10. joao88 says:

    This is cool drum machine but I wonder who Akai is marketing this for. It’s expensive and most young producers are getting used to the programming with a mouse or cheap midi controllers.

  11. MrAntonthedon says:

    Show us how to use a “usb” midi controller keyboard that come with no sound and how to take sounds from ableton live that sound nice like piano

  12. muzixco says:

    Wow this thing is a beast! Way better than maschine for sure.

  13. antimarxism says:

    “Vintage mode”, brah.

  14. danoblk says:

    It’s dope

  15. vegunited06 says:

    looks ok, but I’m all about THE SOUND, nothing will ever come close the s900/s950 and MPC60′s 12bit converters.

  16. MolPuzzle says:

    I want this thing on my table! :)

  17. DroFontaineMuzick says:

    Dope !! 

  18. Webzterr says:

    Daym! Get us a UK release already!

  19. neltason says:

    This is a beast!, Great!!

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