Spencer & Hill Pluck Type Bass *Massive Tutorial*

Latest Release bit.ly \ Like On Facebook on.fb.me Subscribe for more | | *READ* This not a ‘How to sound like Spencer & Hill’ tutorial but it’s merely demonstrating how to get that plucky bass sound that they use. Got bored and decided to do this quick tutorial. literally only took me a few minutes to create the sound even before the tutorial but the principle remains the same, Cutoff and AMP modulation is key. If you really want that Spencer and Hill sound duplicate and change the other to squares and mess around with it



  1. Donnie Mengwasser says:

    good sound. Almost the identical pluck to the beginning of Afrojack’s The Way We See The World. Although I’m sure his use of the sound is referencing Spencer & Hill.

  2. TreyMohr says:

    love that clap

  3. Alan95man says:


    Spencer & Hill – So Dance (Bass remake)

  4. ChrisJulian31 says:

    hey what he probably does is layer his drums, this means he puts like 3 kicks playing at the same time, 3 snares, 2 claps and all that stuff, then play with velocities and it’ll give you the sound i think you want. it’ll take some time to get right but thats what i do. hope this helps haha

  5. Jonatoan says:

    the fat drums doesnt come from mastering. When you master a song you apply small changes on the song as a whole. Look for some other video to fatten drums

  6. Jose David Mirón Gallardo says:

    can you put a download link? good job men thanks

  7. DeadAndAliveCat says:

    Yeah, reeeeeally helpful. Try explaining what the fuck it is you’re doing.

  8. themindbusterator says:

    jesus christ thats so sick

  9. DjPrehab says:

    i like that kick drum fuck

  10. T0smusic says:

    For the drums, it’s all about layering. Just open up an audio track and record a layer, rinse and repeat. You’ll get a feel for it the more you do it.

  11. ShowEmG says:

    i just subscribe hook it up!!

  12. DubstepTomOfficial says:

    Start with a good sample, EQ and compress it to death. Also, layer several different snares/claps to get a big sounding snare. EQ the FUCK out of that shit to. Most of it has to do with proper mixing…befriend your EQ…get inside of it :]

  13. DirtyNoizeMusic says:

    I have actually, I’ll probably start on mastering at the start of the new year

  14. barondorado says:

    i see that you reached your 100 likes on Facebook, have you reached 300 subs on youtube yet? really wanna make some fat drums like that :D your tracks sound so precise and full and FAT!

  15. NikeGolf118 says:

    Why doesnt mine sound exactly like this I followed every step lol mine sounds like a little blip for each note

  16. Jack Holloway says:

    can you plz make a tut on the bass at 00:48 of this song: /watch?v=GaQxn1Ke8AY

  17. Thegrooveconnection says:


  18. DirtyNoizeMusic says:

    Once i reach 300 subs on here and 100 likes on Facebook i’ll do a full tutorial on mastering

  19. barondorado says:

    how do you get to make your drums sound so full and fat?

    can you please make a tutorial on that and mastering? :)

  20. addicted2music21 says:

    Thanks man. I’ll be lookin forward do it ;)

  21. DirtyNoizeMusic says:

    I’ll see what i can do buddy

  22. addicted2music21 says:

    Nice Tut man! :) just wondering if I could request a tutorial though. If it’s possible, could you recreate the Bassline in Lazy Rich & Porter Robinson’s “Hello”? That was too sick.

    hope you read this man. Been looking for that sound for the longest time

  23. DirtyNoizeMusic says:

    It’s essentially just an open hi-hat but i’d suggest as you said use low passed white noise, modulate the amp env to give that sweeping and modulate the LP filter just a touch

  24. boxerboywc says:

    bro. quick question. how do u get that effect right before the snare?? is it white noise that leads into the snare?? plz n thank u

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