Ableton Live 8 + APC40 + Remote SL Controllerism

This video is a step-by-step tutorial describing Ableton Live 8′s new custom parameter mapping methodology. The video illustrates how to map select parameters from VST plug-ins into devices and then control these parameters via the Novation Remote SL and the new Akai APC40. The video also discusses how to add and access more than 8 parameters. Lastly, the video covers use of instrument racks and macro controls to map parameters from multiple devices to an 8 knob group.
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  1. a2thek47 says:

    Wanna see this for fl studio plz man pllllzzzzzz

  2. Aiden057 says:

    Top quality presentation. thank you.

  3. DjNemes1s says:

    Thank you so much for this video!! I wasn’t sure whether to get an APC 40 as there were some questions about mapping I was unsure of. You just answered ALL of them!! I’m so glad I stayed up till 3am searching for the answer now! :) :) Thanks loads man!

  4. pobblepop says:

    Man, this video is so useful, I never new you could do this, another complexity curve just got easier! Cheers for showing me!

  5. skelicles says:

    That was extremely helpful, thank you brother for devoting time to helping out.

  6. djspeeddemon says:

    Absolutely helpful. I really like the various examples and detailed live screen shots used. What kind of complex VST’s do you use?

  7. cmos1981 says:

    Absolutely AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much :D

  8. Pipotron3000 says:

    Nice and clear tutorial ;)

    In fact, before getting an SL too, i was using a crappy Evolution MK-225C.
    And used a remote control script just to map the 8 knobs to the 8 macros of racks.

    You just need to map the 8 macros like you done in Ableton rack.
    You save your rack and every time you load it, the 8 macros of any crappy controller are already assigned to any VST :D
    A kind or poor man Automap, but very effective.

  9. hotnovel says:

    i’m so glad i BOUGHT ableton

  10. Goudenkooigevecht says:

    Wow man great video, thanks!!!

  11. demongeb says:

    one question dude:
    what’s the difference between novation remote SL and novation remote SL compact???
    pads for novation remote SL compact are sensitive???
    both keyboards comes with automap software?
    many thanks :D

  12. EBL says:

    awesome vid…

  13. stealthbopper says:

    Really clear tutorial. Nice work – thanks!

  14. djduckyduck says:

    that cool and i was going to go back to 7, this will make it easier to map vst xf

  15. Kiedriek says:

    Hi, I wonder, what’s the trick to install automap properly as you say? I had automap pro 3.1 installed on my macbook and updated to 3.3 today and somehow controllers don’t work or don’t show up on the left sreen of my remotezeroSL.
    Thanks in advance!

  16. sun9woo says:

    can i use the effects from massive on audio track? or is it just for the midi tracks?

    cheers :)

  17. subivk says:

    very nice tutorial..thanks..i am buying an apc 40 now,so get back to you with more doubts…

  18. skyver303 says:

    Nice tutorial, It normally takes me a while to remember things regarding sound design/synthesis etc (yrs of abuse taking its toll!) but you explaining it in a neat simple way, some people try to make it sound more complicated than it is, yeah good tutorial man!

  19. schifferbrainz says:

    I will pay money to get off the mouse (almost) completely.
    Will this do it even tho I don’t act like a DJ?

  20. schifferbrainz says:

    Doesn’t, “If you learn to use both this will help if you need to go out on the road with one or the other.” mean that I don’t really need this piece of kit?
    How will this help me?
    LIVE 8, Remote SL, PadKontrol Guitarist with limited keyboard skills (with keyboard), Macbook Pro?
    I’m trying to figure out a good reason to get this besides it’s visual positives.

  21. bazochaos says:

    great vid! can u somehow save ur settings with the remote sl. For example, configure it in the rack view, assign remotes knobs to it and load it an other set?

    I read that u cant save with remote sl mappings of ableton devices like operator or effects. The upper 8 encoder knobs are automatically assigned to some functions. But u can directly save mappings to massive vsti with it?

  22. dangerdan89 says:

    how did you set up the sl to listen to ableton to automatically set the value names on its lcd screen?

  23. Michael McGuire says:

    very very useful man, thanks alot!

  24. plague1715 says:

    Can you map the xy pad on the novation to a device’s xy chart with the ball in live? I am thinking of getting an SlmkII just to do this (or use my kaoss pad).

  25. wildcomfort88 says:

    thanks alot for that.
    just want to know, how many effects groups can you bank on the the apc 40?

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