Faithless Insomnia FL STUDIO TUTORIAL + FLP!

Took me literally 5 mins to make so no negative comments , do use noobs a favour :D Comment, Like and subscribe for flp :) ! Tags Faithless Insomina fl studio fruity loops remix Insomnia Faithless “FL Studio” David Beat Beats Instrumental Fruity Rap Takes Hiphop Rapping Feat Producer Reason Making Cook Sample Remix “Reason (software)” Instrumentals Kelly “Fruity Loops” Craig Freestyle Samples “David Cook” Beckham Produced R&b Piano Remake Scott Tutorial Timbaland Logic Track Dirty Nexus Producers “software tutorial” drums music “video game” “Hop Beat”



  1. BeatGenerals says:

    Nice track! Check out my page for FL Studio beat tutorials ranging in styles from French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, Drake to Justice League!

  2. DjDannYL says:

    flp please?

  3. Sami Saha says:

    Omg poor

  4. djplaymade says:

    can you pls send me the flp ?

  5. MyErupT says:

    niiice *-* FLp please `?

  6. Dylan McRobbie says:

    Aye lol yea its the exact same, outstandin sound like

  7. 1872Gary says:

    Nexus2 > Plucked > PL Pizza Cult is like the exact same sound in the real song

  8. VannysOfficial says:


  9. ltbproductionz says:

    !toh si oediv sihT

  10. Graskopf2500 says:

    pls flp ;)

  11. Kevin Juncal says:

    Please FLP :) 

  12. hiphopsamplez says:


  13. JaZonDubstep says:

    Great work on this, how will i get the flp file?

  14. UltreaKiller says:

    You had to put me to download 4GB worth of Nexus expansions… fuck.

  15. oversizedTV says:

    flp please

  16. DJniels23345 says:

    where can da download

  17. djbentzen says:

    flp please

  18. MarvinsBeatfabrik says:

    Nice.. Can i have the flp?

  19. Mrbjorno1 says:

    very nice job man

  20. ToksickTraxx says:

    nice ;o

  21. TheRaMeRaMe says:

    where is flp???

  22. djbentzen says:


  23. kristian Eliassen says:

    ONE M:00:RE TIME ! 

  24. ncankydsalt says:

    Great! Could you sent me fle file?

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