Future Combat Systems Demo

The Army shows off some of the technologies from its massive “Future Combat Systems” modernization push.
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  1. goodcat1982 says:

    future combat systems demo filmed for you on a 1990′s phone camera! WTF!? Where’s the HD man!?

  2. hotpocketpoison says:

    i hope he gets assassinated 

  3. IDancingCorpseI says:

    0:36 xbox 360 LOL

  4. aleazcazan says:

    chinese emp ftw…

  5. Akfrenzy says:

    i think it’s good to have when facing IED threats or having an advantage of knowing where your enemy is, but for the long run, when we’re facing against an “intelligent” force that has the equipment that is able to counter what is developed here. I think we should somewhat stick to the old-fashion way or not entirely depend on technology when all of these supports are unavailable. (Opinion)

  6. dessertfoxx says:

    its too bad ur an ignant republican, faggy

  7. squidscape says:

    You want our military to have crappy shit, instead of the newest, and nearly best weapons? Kommunista.

  8. ADBcrew says:

    using an xbox controller lol?

  9. LordMunchkin says:

    LIES! I didn’t white trash knew how to use the internet. Seriously though, read the budget. He’s INCREASED military funding! Which sucks, because he said he wouldn’t.

  10. tattat44 says:

    The DoD spends more than all government agencies in the world put together. I think they can fucking wait for their digital wankfest. All of this shit costs trillions, and the enemy destroys it by spending a couple thousand on explosives.

  11. MrJeffreydunson says:

    @hazonku, When they cancelled the ” Airwolf ” like RAH-66 Comanche helicopter, i was like, its only $13 million per unit, come on man !!!! i mean 200, or so would like cost about $300 million !!!

  12. hazonku says:

    Not to mention that when it comes down to it the Army has a rule stating that we will NEVER really entirely on technology to do any one thing. It’s nice to have but every soldier is required to know how to do shit the old fashioned way.

  13. hazonku says:

    you’re just jealous cuz we have cooler toys & you guys are just now getting M-4s to replace your M-16s.

  14. hazonku says:

    As some one who’s been those boots on the ground, I have to agree. On the flip side though, we need those sensors, & SUGVs for the lack of man power & the high number of IED threats. There are only so many EOD units out there, so when we come across a potential IED it’s a waste of like 4-5 hours if EOD comes out & it turns out it really was just some trash. Lot better to have a SUGV check it out. The UAVs we don’t need, we already have the Raven it works fine.

  15. hazonku says:

    You ever pop a spotter for a mortar team at nearly half a mile away with one round from a 1960’2 era M-2 .50 cal machine gun? I have. All thanks to my gamer skills & the CROWS system.

  16. hazonku says:

    retard fan boys listen up. We can use any controller for the SUGV. After fielding the CROWS in 2005 the Army decided to listen to all our bitching about the joystick. We demanded we be able to use any console controller for future combat systems.

  17. hazonku says:

    Actually any wireless controller will work with it.

  18. hazonku says:

    Ture story, the Stryker combat vehicle was inspired by the Alien series. The designers even said so.

  19. hazonku says:

    Dude, we’re bad ass as it is right now. But yeah, I’m all butt hurt that they nixed the FCS program. Would have at least liked to have kept the infantry stuff. The vehicles were epic failure because they were designed before the IED threat.

  20. MrJeffreydunson says:

    @YouDamnDirtyApe, Remeber ?!! this stuff was” Sci-Fi” in the late 1950′s, and on TV in the 1960′s then came the movies, and now the new / current medias of today !!! So, the US, has been thinking about this, when I was your age, such as GPS !!! Now, we use it everyday 24/7. So, FCS is going to be very real in the future,and the Obama era, will set it off, You’ll look back on this and maybe laugh, (age:53 ?!!) only you’ll will be looking at some head-up display interface unit(hologram).

  21. YouDamnDirtyApe says:

    Don’t they both have space travel?

  22. MrJeffreydunson says:

    @YouDamnDirtyApe, I think you maybe right!!! Space travel, comes later !!!

  23. YouDamnDirtyApe says:

    I think halo is more advanced than the aliens 2 soldiers,

  24. paratroop82504 says:

    too bad we axed the FCS program…fire scout and mule were some of the last pieces to survive and they were killed off finally this month to save cash

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