How to make House drums in Ableton Live

You can download the project I made here: If you want to have a one-on-one chat with me to learn more about the described technique, or the XSSR Academy courses, request a FREE consultation at this location: Drums are among the most important components of any electronic dance track. Powerful, punchy kick combined with a good rocking percussion can work wonders – and this is particularly noticeable in the house and techno music, where opportunities to diversify the rhythm are harder to find than in breaks and in drum and bass tracks. And in today’s techno and house music beautiful, well produced percussion is simply a “must have”!



  1. Isaac Gecas says:

    god waht is your voice

  2. BurgardRecords says:

    Most people who know how to work Ableton know what he is doing. He’s simply cut or trimming down the frequencies on the hihat, so it doesn’t interfere with original sound of the kick drum. Listen closely at 2:53 he says to kill the boss noise, meaning to kill the other higher frequencies so you get a nice clean cut kick drum.

  3. A2326T says:

    You don’t explained what your doing, why show your compressor plugin if you don’t explained what your doing with it and why…

  4. BurgardRecords says:

    Hmm, I would actually have to say that compared to sonic academy or boyinaband their sound is a little more new to the approach. To top it off there are many other people submitting tutorials like ear trash, but I can’t really understand him. It comes down to how what you feel and how you feel. If you like the users videos then that’s fine, ever herd the say “to each his own”. Take it with a grain of salt.

  5. Sphereal says:

    I think most people nowadays will rather torrent a loop pack by Vengeance and call it a day. That said, it is nice to see other approaches to this kind of loops.

    I loved the “nicely done” at the end of the video lol

  6. A2326T says:

    Not the best “how to” video…

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