Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 4 – Part 2

Minecraft Modern House – Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 4 – Part 2 Oh my snappy wappy! Modern House Lets Build?! Yes, finally. :) This is a total free style project and I have no idea where we going with this. But lest aim for 5-6 episodes and with your comments and suggestions it will look epic. Don´t forget to support the old builder, give it a like if you enjoy it. ● Donate: bit.ly ● Twitter: bit.ly ● Facebook: on.fb.me ● Website: www.keralis.net Texture pack Soartex Fanver soartex.net ——– Music & Vocals ——- Intro Music was made by Heffay. www.youtube.com www.heffay.com http Vocals are from: beatsroyaltyfree.com Outro Music Brexain www.youtube.com Diamonds, diamonds and a cookie for ya!
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  1. iMobsterzz says:

    This is terrible i could better than this when i was a baby

  2. MrGoldIngots says:

    And i thought i made the best houses

  3. caydon schleder says:

    u have 60 fps i have 8-10 my computer sucks ps its my school computer

  4. AwesomeClips365 says:

    Kealis is the best modern house maker!!! :D Keep the awesome work!

  5. gazoriax13 says:

    Keralis should build modern house without hax or creative.

  6. zoraxbrooks says:

    I think the glass should be panes in the new room/area, that way you would have just a little more space and,at least I think, it’s neat to be able to look down to the floor below.

  7. STGccampbell says:

    7:17 hahahahah

  8. STGccampbell says:

    o shitty ditty witty

  9. mrsebway1 says:

    oh shitty ditty witty

  10. mrsebway1 says:

    creative or survival mode?

  11. Anghelescu Vlad says:

    Nice vid man and nice house

  12. TaxemicPigeon4 says:

    wait where where you from

  13. Ladie Kayle says:

    you are the best builder in the world o and also you should make a work out room and 1 more im going to be like you when i grow up

  14. 1919Toby says:

    Im gonna rage and cry and do stuff!!! loljk

  15. Jonathan Martin says:

    What about the door??

  16. XxXFuSiOnZz says:

    @tom de vries It’s in the description

  17. XxXFuSiOnZz says:

    @ben50980 Actually, it’s Soartex Fanver

  18. 5414052016 says:

    It’s cool!!

  19. ROCKSTAR77791 says:

    Can u please look at my application for builder for your creative server

  20. Saiana1231 says:

    You are Amazing! :D 

  21. ben50980 says:

    its misa’s 64×64

  22. ben50980 says:

    watch my video

  23. ethan fox says:

    The roof looks better :-D 

  24. iPr0pz says:

    3.00 haha I did the same!

  25. NoNameZombieSlayer says:

    60 fps i get like 30 or something

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