Tunnidge – Pt 2 (Deep Medi / Chestplate / GetDarker) @ Dubspot: Production Tips

More info – blog.dubspot.com Dubspot had the pleasure of hosting London-based recording artist Tunnidge for a live streaming workshop. In this video recap, the London producer offers a significant array of production advice, from EQing samples, to mixing and mastering suggestions, and even some tips on how get top DJs to play your tunes. Tunnidge goes in depth on his use of a PAZ Analyzer to clean up samples, Kontakt 5, and the frequency minefield of mixdowns.



  1. Totennebel says:

    Yes, it should be 16000 actually. I’m sure that’s a typo.

  2. Will Arnold says:

    This made me go and buy all the Tunnidge tunes i didnt already have

  3. Cornbreadddd says:

    “Frequencies above 1600 will be lost when cutting to vinyl.” Is that a typo? Isn’t it supposed to be 16,000? 1600 is a relatively low frequency.

  4. cstarcrusher says:

    great advice. thanks for this segment.

  5. xAGRESS0Rx says:

    This is amazing, what an honor to have Tunnidge un the same room as you haha. I will be taking note of these tips and how he works. Thanks Dubspot.

  6. HowToAbleton says:


  7. theclinickg says:

    i cant get my midi to work for my kontakt 5 plzz helpo i wanna be cuttin some fresh samples too but i cant my library isnt even showing upo ahhh thnx great interview

  8. xSparky117x says:


  9. MrMmusictech says:

    thanks man! great advice!

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