Gibson Les Paul Custom Cherry Sunburst Demo – Sam Bell @ Nevada Music UK

Buy this guitar here … The classic Gibson “Custom Shop” Les Paul Custom electric guitar features a one-piece Mahogany neck, carved Maple top and warm-toned Mahogany body. Custom shop quality and attention to detail is always a further rung up the ladder than Gibson’s standard level – which in itself is usually excellent … so expect to be impressed by the presentation and cosmetics of this superb instrument … This Custom Shop Les Paul Custom has an elegant, slender Ebony fingerboard with Pearl block inlays gives a bright attack, whilst the sound comes courtesy of the 490R and 498T Gibson humbuckers, delivering a warm rhythm configuration and hot, searing lead sounds that has all the creaminess that we’ve come to expect from Gibson hum-buckers. This particular Custom Shop Gibson also includes a tune-o-matic bridge, stop-bar tailpiece, and bound body, neck, and head – the cosmetics of this instrument are superbly finished with gold hardware that perfectly compliments the immaculately applied Cherry Sunburst finish. At some point I’ve owned pretty near every Les Paul model Gibson have produced. Standards, Deluxes, Specials, Juniors………… but never a Custom. One of the reasons for that is, I’ve always thought of them as ornate LP Standards. All that extra money for bling?? According to Gibson that’s not the case. The solid Mahogany neck, Ebony fret board and meticulous fret work elevate the feel of this instrument. You immediately know you’re



  1. zhammeron says:

    I love that sound!

  2. engenhero42 says:

    wow brutal

  3. torvie60 says:

    I played one of these, absolutley amazing. If i was able to afford one, i still wouldnt buy it. I bought a Chinese one for 350.00. I changed the nut, and put Seymour Duncans in. Total cost 500.00. Just as beautiful, and sounds almost as good. (torvie60)

  4. torvie60 says:

    Your nuts, but in a good way.

  5. AlisZigg says:

    -_-.  Overused bro, overused. -_-

  6. OhFishyFish says:

    i find this very easy to masturbate to.

  7. MsGuitarReviewer says:

    thx for the info. :) 

  8. MsGuitarReviewer says:

    nice combination of jams on this video and thx to ffsmonkey for the custom shop info.

  9. ffsmonkey says:

    Your guitar should have been manufactured in 2004.

    The Custom Shop Serial Number is broken down into CSYRRRR, CS meaning Custom Shop, Y the last digit of the year, and RRRR the number of sequence in the series of productions. So yours should be the #2555th guitar that has been made in 2004.

  10. Chance Cooper says:

    This tone is just buttery. My god.

    Lovely playing. Amazing video! I only wish I could have heard it in person.

  11. Paul Mulloy says:

    I get goosebumps EVERYTIME I see this guitar and listening to it sing is so heartfilling -3

  12. Daniel Martin says:

    I need one!!!! Hoping to get mine sometime next year, just need to save the money

  13. robert19962010 says:

    i never liked that lespaul color but god it has a nice tone !!!!! :) 

  14. James Long says:


  15. Onionbass says:

    I typed “cherry sunburst” on youtube,because I wanted to know how to spell it properly (I’m Italian). WTF, I’m finding only reviews with nobody talking for minutes before playing the f****** guitar, I hate you, youtube!! :-D 

  16. MaidenFan24568 says:

    Nice guitar, but i think it would look better with a white pickguard with that sunburst finish

  17. trollercoaster99 says:

    too much red sorry

  18. Milan Pesic says:

    Jesus Christ your tone!

  19. GodGloryGold says:

    The sound is like a hot rich chocolate drink. Sweet, warm and full of flavor.

  20. Marcin Drąg says:

    it`s great!

  21. FerdieFB23 says:

    I prefer Les Paul Cherry Sunburst Standard.

  22. wretcheddog says:

    i stop watching porn by this, but hey nobody told me i was watching porn again….

  23. mgdth502 says:

    I had a question about the serial numbers.. I’ve read and seen on so many les paul customs the serial numbers are quite long and don’t have any letters in them…
    I bought a les paul custom and its serial number is cs42555… I can’t seem to find any information on it. It was told it was made in 2006. That’s kinda all I know. Please help!

  24. 81Badger81 says:

    Makes me think of Ginger Lynn’s lips all painted red . . .

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