Reason 5 – Making A Beat Beat Making – Akai MPK49 Getting NOTE REPEAT to work, http Hip Hop Rap Beat Instrumental Making A Beat Beat Making Reason 5 is a beast for beats!God bless Propellerhead for making us beat making heads and hip hop rap production instrumental heads this virtual Akai MPC station for PC users. Reason 5 and it’s powerful Kong Drum Designer is a heaven sent Beat making tool for Hip Hop Producers as well as R&B, House, Techno, Trance etc… I love The Kong Drum in Reason 5 so much that I decided to produce a track called “RAGING KONG”! I skinned it with pictures of King Kong so my production track will feel the wrath of the beast in it’s transistors. In this micro beat tutorial, I did not use Kong the way I would have liked because Im still trying to pry away from Redrum and the old Rex, plus, I don’t want to offend KONG, I’ll treat Kong with tender loving care it deserves. The Reason for this propellerhead endevour is to raise awareness, get you involved, train new heads and stimulate old ones, to become a subscriber man, we are about to do some grandious things far from micro here and I don’t want you to miss out. You also may be interested in going over to to download your free version of Beat Making tutorial Series “Hip Hop In Session Volume 22″ for FREE!!! We’ve been getting it in since 2003 and we don’t intend to stop until 99.99% of you guys is super star producers of the GLOBE! Meanwhile, enjoy this Reason 5 – Kong Drum Designer tutorial, subscribe and let’s have some mad fun
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  1. MrBettabeats says:

    Is there a way to do note repeat without the mpk?

  2. neobrown97 says:

    Yo T-Dot, everything that you do with the Akai MPK49 with Reason 5, does the same thing go for the Akai MPK61? Cause I have a chance to get the MPK61 for the price of the MPK49.

  3. jreid100 says:

    Tee do you know how to run the kong into the reason mixer 14:2 and put each kick,snare on it’s own channel as mono ?

  4. ruffhousen says:

    The alternative approach is to configure the MPK49 to send both MMC/MIDI Time Code, then configure Reason to use the MPK49 under advanced preferences and use external Midi SYNC under tools.

    Using this method its not necessary to match the tempo… go to the vimeo website and search for video # 5723644, can’t post weblinks (sorry).

    BTW, @Today, I accidentally did a thumbs down or our post.. I tried to change it but for some reason the site does not allow modifications.

  5. ruffhousen says:

    Nice tip… See the following for info on controlling the Midi Clock from the MPK49. Using this method its not necessary to match the tempo… The link apparently is not allowed, so goto and look for clip number 5723644

    BTW, @Today, I accidentally did a thumbs down or our post.. I tried to change it but for some reason the site does not allow modifications.

  6. ironpalmslapped says:

    got that business handled yet? I been following along with the todaysbeats site working on making my own tracks iusing the style and tips you got I am definitely getting better, keep doin it man

  7. TodaysbeatsTV says:

    lol………I know man, aint I dumb? but i tried to come up with a word that would make sense……for triplet……triplet’ers….or triplet’rs? I will start my own dictionary…

  8. malik493 says:

    I luv the trip-litters too, but I don’t have a Trip-Litter Button. Is there a whay to get them trip-litters in a midi file?

  9. TodaysbeatsTV says:

    I will be linking everything up tomorrow…

  10. ironpalmslapped says:

    when you putting this one up on the site fam…im real anxious to bust out a track to that fresh rhythm you got….and i wanna mess with them drums they are ill!!!

  11. devilsreject5 says:

    Oh Maybach Music 3, jus makes it easier to kno what ur talkin bout if we kno the song!! J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League are animals at production!!

  12. TodaysbeatsTV says:

    His most recent album…..with Jadakiss.

  13. devilsreject5 says:

    Which Maybach Music have you been listenin to?? I mean there is 4 of them!!

  14. revelashaun68 says:

    T , Don’t let the kids fool you, it’s PaRAM-eters not Para-meters!!!
    Good tips Bro!!

  15. supremeson100 says:

    were you bin at?

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