Ableton Live Tips #8: Boreta (Glitch Mob) – Auto Filter, Audio Effects Rack

For more info – In this week’s Ableton Live tutorial, Professor Nalepa shares a tip he learned from Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob at the Dubspot Ableton Live 8 Tour workshop in Los Angeles. The technique involves creative use of the Auto Filter, Audio Effects Rack, The Chain Select Ruler and the Macro Knobs…



  1. bumbumfx says:

    yep me too

  2. Guilherme Kikuchi says:

    Same here

  3. Teea Dm says:

    yes :3

  4. luckyjrs says:

    so this is basically a tutorial on how to turn a processor on an off in a ridiculous way that isn’t necessary at all?

  5. luckyjrs says:

    long introduction is long

  6. EXXEofficial says:

    thats GENIUS

  7. TheKeekingSpiv says:

    The chain technique could be useful if you wanted other effects to kick in depending on where the filter was (you can do this by cross blending the areas in the chain selector). Maybe? I’m a newb. Been watching your videos though, DJ. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. Perez mk says:

    You could also map the device on/off button to the same midi knob to activate it when you want and turn it off when you don’t

  9. Knightmaren11 says:

    I REALLY LIKE THE SONG IN THE BEGINNING. I tried looking up Nasty Ways, comma and slidecamp, and can’t find it. Please let me know what song it is!

  10. HyperElf9 says:

    control or command+g after you select the instrument :) 

  11. HyperElf9 says:

    I’ve never experienced this… Always clean audio here maybe your automations are slightly off?

  12. SticksFishing says:

    excellent video. i just with the track audio was higher in the video itself so i could hear how this method is actually working.

    not like i wont try it later and hear it myself. just saying. anyway thanks for the tips.

  13. the28DaysLaterBand says:

    i dont have the option to group stuff…..

  14. TheeAldeen says:

    better said – different control

  15. TheeAldeen says:

    more or less control over the parameter 

  16. thetrukillat says:

    great comment! please work on not bitching about a free video…sorry just a pet peeve of mine

  17. jazzperbeats says:

    awesome stuff thank you so much dude!

  18. 4ndrww says:

    especially if running an older computer or higher track counts (stating the obvious)

  19. 4ndrww says:

    there’s certainly a cpu advantage to doing it the on/off to the same macro knob method..

    ..might make little difference when using the built in live devices as they are quite efficient
    but throw on some big VSTs in your effects rack and whoa.. you’re gonna want to turn them off when you’re not using them :P

  20. ssiegert12 says:

    what is mapping?

  21. ne12call says:

    Hey there boss, what are you using for your video recording? Camtasia? I really like the way your videos zoom in and out. Very quality. 

  22. Mattamafias says:

    in the intro to the start of nalepa 4th july slidecamp remix, how do you make those chord/pads im not sure what they are but there very relaxing. does anybody know how to create a simular sort of sound to them at all? thanks

  23. baconben says:

    From my experience there is a small risk of a click sound when you turn devices on and off so I personally avoid that method. However, your way is more compact and frees up the chain selector in case you want to stack other effects chains in the same rack and switch between them during a performance.

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