Ask A Ninja – Special Delivery 22 “The Ninja Handbook, Audiobook Part 1″

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  1. kyshel21 says:

    My son is a ninja and his team

  2. JHaySWFL says:

    Am I the only one who is confused, but slightly entertained, but kind of pissed off. Ninja’s can’t dodge bullets!

  3. retrovideogamejunkie says:

    la verdadera historia de dragones y ninjas….contada por un dragon….damn sneaky bastards…

  4. Loizou12 says:

    love the forward

  5. Loizou12 says:

    sounds like skyrim

  6. evilanakie says:


  7. yourlocaln0ob says:

    Bought the book a LONG time ago.

  8. metacretesix says:


  9. Ultima228 says:

    Make it 27!

  10. steampunsniper says:


  11. waabuffett says:

    26 people are standing with the dragons instead of the ninja’s

  12. demonbuddah says:

    yes, Boba is Jango’s clone, he’s talking about the cloned army of Jango

  13. thegreatcheesedemon says:

    Actually that’s Father Pony Shalhoub, the translator.

  14. InTheCompanyOfMyself says:

    26 people can suck griffin balls

  15. DrakonumBlade says:

    I stand with the Dragons

  16. esaka24 says:

    I’m a Mage from the underworld that has come to the world of the living to seek out my reveng on the ninjas for killing my dragon

  17. prototypewarrior666 says:

    ninjas vs dragons

  18. Tphras12 says:

    hellz yeah :D

  19. demondoomdemon says:

    you’re a dragon?

  20. demondoomdemon says:

    Miley Cirus IS scary as a ninja with a giant sword made of dragon fangs O_o

  21. demondoomdemon says:

    hey, m not gonna run, Ninja, i’m a demon >:D

  22. capitananonmas says:


  23. Brian Morton says:

    I have those same headphones and people always make fun of me for wearing them in public, I knew they were the essence of pure ninja awesomeness XD

  24. MrSyntheticDesign says:

    it would be better if the ninja was reading this for us instead of the dragon voice….

  25. deathgrind6060 says:

    ya i did

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