keybdwizrd – Korg M3 Programs Demo #1

A demonstration of some of the programs (individual sounds) in the Korg M3 workstation synthesizer. These are all factory presets from the latest “xpanded” model of the M3. NOTE: The lights on this keyboard do NOT blink – they only appear to do so in the video.



  1. spec24 says:

    Any keyboard with midi out’ll do

  2. fedalxis says:

    looks like he was listening to stereo wide strings through mono keyboard combo.

  3. theapex81 says:

    anything with MIDI will work just fine. just make sure you like it’s keybed action

  4. theapex81 says:

    You may have ALL the IFX and MFX turned off by default. check your Global settings.

  5. keybdwizrd says:

    These videos are not recorded using my studio monitors or microphones. The audio is run out of the keyboard, into a mixer, and then into a Firewire d/a converter box, which records the audio directly into my Mac. (However, yes, I believe that most keyboards sound better through monitors and/or PA speakers than keyboard amps, although that’s not what you’re hearing here.)

  6. TrueDragonForceFan10 says:

    The Analog Strings Stereo Sounds nothing like the one on my M50. Yours sounds ten times better than mine. Why is this? Do studio monitors really bring out that much better of a sound than a keyboard amp?

  7. keybdwizrd says:

    No, it’s not.

  8. soundsofchim says:

    my programs and combi’s dont have any fx working by default, like they are switched on and they are there and when i manually change them they work, but not by default, is that normal??

  9. alagoku says:

    I have the M3 standalone and I need a compatible keyboard…any help will be appreciated

  10. ezzo222 says:

    I’ve played the M50 but not the M3. I’m not going to be using it for gigs, more of a home studio than anything else. I was going to set it up so that it would be either in front or close by a computer, as I plan to use some software with it.

  11. keybdwizrd says:

    Have you had a chance to play these in person? The M3 is heavy, quite solid, and has a wonderful keyboard action. The M50, on the other hand, is lightweight, seemingly made out of all plastic, and has a mediocre (but not unreasonable) keyboard action on it. If you’re a gigging musician, or planning to move the keyboard around, I would suggest the M50. The M3 is quite heavy and has a weird form factor to it… you would probably want a custom made (and heavy) case.

  12. ezzo222 says:

    I am looking to buy either the M3 or the M50. I know that the M50 is basically a cheaper version of the M3 and doesn’t have as many features on but I still can’t decide. I was just wondering if you any significant differences between them apart from price.

  13. Reper Tori says:

    YouTube —> KORG Pa4X Pro - The Future of Balkans
    There will soon be further information concerning this video.

  14. Reper Tori says:

    YouTube —> KORG Pa4X Pro - The Future of Balkans
    There will soon be further information concerning this video.

  15. keybdwizrd says:

    Not sure what you mean by that. The M3 does come with editing software that runs as a VST inside a DAW. This allows you to save your M3 settings as part of a song/project when using Digital Performer, Logic, Sonar, etc. Works just fine for me.

  16. djtripleddd says:

    have you tried to run your m3 in vst mode????

  17. keybdwizrd says:

    What you’re seeing is me reaching over to the mouse to start-stop the video recording on the computer. I change the patches on the M3 when the camera is not on. In terms of patch storage, there are also categories on the M3. This is done using the touch screen on the keyboard.

  18. alwaysinmydream1 says:

    How do you select your patches,looks like you using something else ,not 3m on the video.How do you store I have Yamaha motif,it very easy: choose “organ”
    pres “store” select in witch order that you want to be,how you do with 3m.Thanks

  19. rhampton1914 says:

    i must say that this is one Awesome sounding M3. I would buy one in a heartbeat. Thanks for Demo-ing it.

  20. NarcissistsDie says:

    I’m running Omnsiphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX, Alchemy, NI Colossus and Voices of Passion, Plugsound Pro and other stuff I’ve lost track of through Logic Studio on an iMac Core 2 Duo 3.33Ghz. This iMac is discontinued but runs all of these programs without an issue. This mac is also my work computer – I run a graphic design business. Sometimes it’s not about the power of the computer but the imagination of the composer.

  21. keyboardkomuso says:

    Yes, and it also pisses all over your computer’s RAM and ability to function properly. Unless you have the latest, high powered computer, soft synths are more trouble then they’re worth. I own an M3 and Atmosphere. I’ll take the M3 and other outboard gear over a plug in any time.

  22. NarcissistsDie says:

    Interesting to read. I went from a PC setup with Cubase and a Yamaha audio card years ago which never worked properly and caused me no end of heartache to Logic Studio today which is a dream. My first hardware synth was a Roland D5 and I bought a Yamaha CS5 in mint condition about 20 years ago for £50. probably not worth much more than that now. Other synths I’ve had are Yamaha TG500, Korg Karma and Novation KS5.The TG500 was amazing for the time – first 64 note poly synth (I think).

  23. keybdwizrd says:

    FYI, I used to have an original Motif 6 as my main rompler/keyboard controller. I had gigged a lot with it and it was literally falling apart. I sold it and probably would have preferred to replace it with a Motif XS, but they were simply too expensive. I bought the M3 because I got a great deal on it – about $1400 new at the time – figured I’d give it a try since I’d never had a Korg “flagship” keyboard. I am not particularly enamored with the M3, but it gets the job done.

  24. keybdwizrd says:

    I agree with everything you said. I actually only have a few hardware synths right now – During the past few years I have bought and sold quite a few instruments but made videos while I had them. Too much gear DOES stifle creativity as one can get bogged down with too many sound choices and fiddling with the instruments themselves instead of composing. Regarding Karma, I find it only something fun to jam around with on occasion, but nothing more.

  25. NarcissistsDie says:

    Ah, just realised now the 8 million videos you’ve posted. You obviously like to acquire equipment. I often wonder how many sawtooth brass sounds people need to hear. I’ve got to admit to not liking the whole auto accomp KARMA thing and I do feel too much gear can, ironically, stifle creativity. I’m now seeing more of these M3 videos now with ‘one finger maestros’ all getting a hard on. Please continue to enjoy your 52 inches of upright. :)

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