KORG DW-6000 Synthesizer 1985 | HQ DEMO | PATCHES

(c) 2011 by AnalogAudio1 You can buy these patches – read the description for further details. The KORG DW-6000 “digital waveform synthesizer” came out 1985. DW stands for “digital waveform”. Few months later, Korg presented an updated version, the DW-8000. The KORG DW-6000 has 6 notes polyphony, 8 waveforms (including sawtooth, but no pulse or square, which is a pity), and superb 24db analog filters – one for every voice (unlike the Poly-800). There is also a chorus, which can be switched on or off. It has an UNISONO mode, which helps you to get fat basses. 2 envelope generators (ADBSSR). MIDI interface, SysEx abilities. Tape interface to load/store soundbanks. The basic sound of the DW-6000 is somewhere between Poly-800 MK1 and DW-8000. To my ears it sounds more like a Poly-800. You can produce some decent sounds with the DW-6000 – which you can’t exactly duplicate on a DW-8000. In this clip I played the DW-6000 dry, without any external effects. ____________________________________________________________ THE SOUND PROGRAMS IN THIS MOVIE: Do you have a Korg DW-6000 and want to get hold of the fantastic sounds heard in the video? The “ANALOGAUDIO1 DW-6000 PATCH BANK” costs 12,99 Euros and includes 64 great patches – lush analog pads, great retro sounds, fat basses, sequencer sounds and funky leads (in one word: all you hear in the video and some more). As an experienced synth player, programmer and composer I programmed these patches at a professional level for
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  1. Taggart Snyder says:

    LOL! Good question!

  2. FSBass says:

    Why do I feel in Blade Runner ?

  3. mrfrogbutt1 says:

    i wish i had this on my ipod…great sounds

  4. AnalogAudio1 says:

    do women too?

  5. AmroHMoussa says:

    Does it have a MIDI out port?

  6. michelle flake-logan says:

    Awesome! sheds new light on these older synths.

  7. KallahanPiano says:


  8. TheHevquip says:

    woo, picking up one of these today. should go great with my poly 800 and dw 8000.

  9. Disasterhannes says:

    SEHR guter JMJ patch bei 10:20min!!!

    LEIDER GEIL!!!!!!! :)

  10. b3at2 says:

    why does the stuff from the 70′s and 80′s sound better than the stuff from 2012?? it doesn’t make sense. I hate the way most vst’s sound these days… i still use the M1.

  11. NelsonClick says:

    Run this through a chorus and verb and play a slow attack warm major 9th – you’ll ejaculate.

  12. gitarreundeffekte says:

    cool sound. fresh and retro.

  13. Capatrat Eka says:

    i really enjoy your clips, this one has an amazing sound.

  14. galenrivera512 says:

    Watch the vid I’m going to share

  15. AnalogAudio1 says:

    thanks :-) 

  16. synthartist69 says:

    I really love your videos..thank you so much for posting. It gives me a new respect for the DW and Poly series synths!

  17. HatredPrime says:

    For me best synths are those with digital waveforms and analog VCF VCA like Kawai K3 , Ensonq ESQ-1/SQ-80 or my fav DW8000 these synths got something in their sound that other digital or analog synths don’t – some weird , clean/dirty, cinematic ,signature. I think those synths are peak of subtractive synthesis not VCO ,DCO , I know this is controversial statement for many synth lovers.

  18. Synthesist94 says:

    Very cool :D

  19. blauwolfenduro says:

    put a digital delay to it and its a spacemachine!!,i will never sell mine

  20. PeteMOBie says:

    Great, inspiring Demo. Love my DW6000 too!
    It is often overlooked for the DW8000. I got mine 6 months ago from the first owner and she had everything .. the user manual, Korg case and Factory Sounds cassette. The Filter resonance reminds me of the Poly61 I once owned.
    Do most of your sounds use the Chorus ON?
    Is it true that Dave Smith “borrowed” the DW6000 Wavebell wave form for his Prophet VS?
    IMHO the DW6000 was Korg’s first step towards sample and synthesis that ultimately lead to the M1.

  21. metalzone2000 says:

    my first synth! loved this machine! till the memory battery went and someone cracked the case. in the middle of building a custom shell for it.

  22. sambamamba2000 says:

    absolutely underrated synth!

  23. 2000cz says:

    this probably sounds nooby, but is the dw6000 very user friendly when it comes
    to programming your own sounds? because if you can make all of these sounds yourself i might aswell pick one up now! hahah and also, are the preset patches any good? are you using any in the vid?

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