#NotAboutThatLife – What Men Hate About Women

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  1. jeremygoff777 says:


  2. xcsapx2014 says:

    I think almost every girl can agree with me that the majority of every guy they’ve ever been involved with was a douche bag.

  3. eCstaTicBomB says:

    that is a very unfair generalization you have there, have you met all 3,500,000,000 men in the world? no.

  4. Noah Abrams says:

    01:34 Its Blake Griffin’s son!

  5. charmsblowpop9807 says:

    05:35 – 05:38 that guy is hot!

  6. TheCkid89 says:

    i used to be the same way about women and the toilet seat. why is it our responsibility to remember to put it down why can’t y’all just remember to look? but when you think about it the whole purpose of a toilet seat that you can move is so that we don’t have to sit to piss and so we don’t piss on the seat. it was made for us as a convenience so the least we can do is not let it inconvenience women. it takes the same amount of effort to remember to look as it does to put it down.

  7. kiingkawng says:

    He said bathroom, not toilet.

  8. nicole montgomery says:

    I am not like any of them woman that they describe :)

  9. 2020jonnybravo says:

    ” when we’re asking you to make us a sandwich we are inviting you into our hearts “.

  10. xcsapx2014 says:

    Andddd pretty much every guy is a douche bag in some way or form.

  11. xcsapx2014 says:

    We settle for douche bags because we gotta lower our standards. Anddd it’s r e a l l y hard to find a nice guy.

  12. funakiexpressV2 says:

    “bathroom” Like do ur buttcheeks open and close da door lol

  13. DaddyFatSzack says:

    @RegretfulGreedler oh there’s no question everyone sits butt down but you know what we do…. LOOK AT THE SEAT FIRST! Because you know the kid might be up might be down who knows.why must we have this debate Women go in but first how can they see? Women are wrong I’m this issue period

  14. DaddyFatSzack says:

    “Are you going into the bathroom butt first?” HAHA SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A MEDAL

  15. Austin Woods says:

    Women that dont make sandwiches… DAAAHECKK?

  16. Nikooru7925 says:

    My mom made my brother watch the little mermaid with me but he had the “Oh I hav a little sister” excuse……lol

  17. vanilla317 says:

    Why is the black guy in the gray tshirt talking like that…? LIke some sort of robot, or he is reading all he is saying? ROFL #whoaaaaHomie lol

  18. James Theresa says:

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  19. Katera Kiitten says:

    tpindell !!

  20. metallicaspiker16 says:

    TPindell @ 0:10

  21. Madison Blakely says:

    I would love to make you a sandwich if you asked nicely and weren’t making condescending jokes about how I belong in the kitchen. I cook and I clean for you, because I love you. But putting me down, saying that I have no greater purpose than to stay away and only give you pleasure is just wrong.

  22. Yuuki1805 says:

    more men vs. women videos!! (: 

  23. glamgirl23486 says:

    Saying SWAG after everything even if it doesn’t make sense #notaboutthatlife

  24. glamgirl23486 says:

    When someone tells me to shut up when they were just talking , hypocrites!!!!’ #notaboutthatlife

  25. hellian1975 says:

    When your pooping, and water splashes your butt cheeks #NotAboutThatLife

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