Call Of Duty Black Ops – Funny Fails and Awesome kills (EPISODE 1)

Hey Viewers, I am going to be uploading an episode every week just for your entertainment. Includes Funny fails and Awesome kills eg Tomohawk kills, Fails, Insane No-scopes etc… Dont Forget To SUBSCRIBE!!!!! Visit My Channel:
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  1. glcartmill says:

    that rcxd stole my care package

  2. SupaDupaPartyPooper says:

    You should cut out the video freezing

  3. MrCJ1988 says:

    At 0:20 HAHAHAHHAHAHA that shit was hilarious. I once was killed coz the care package fell one me, how is that possible? :O

  4. Ricardo Perez says:

    how can you move the camera like that during gameplay ?

  5. andrucamacho7 says:

    Ok cool talk next time do a comarintary

  6. babyj0k3r9894 says:

    Your mama gay

  7. Danitza Morales says:

    BF3 is gay

  8. Hunter Baker says:


  9. Emblemeditor02 says:

    the second one was hilarious he didnt get his care package

  10. reece stu says:

    pretty awesome stuff

  11. Kieran Checketts says:

    0:52 wouldent it be funny if it was a Nuke or sumthin

  12. Clarity Repent says:

    TF2: Rated M for mature
    COD: Rated I for immature.

  13. loopyeskimojim says:

    @im2g00d4yu no aimbot, that part was done in private match where you can change the markers to whatever size you want

  14. sele selefuti says:

    the guys with the golden sniper had aimbot if you look very closely his markers are same as machine guns

  15. Mia P. Burnns says:

    aw sweet, i got a care packeg! spawn trapped shit! he moves ok, i got it this ti-VICTORY DAMN IT!

  16. pantsparty88 says:

    this is stupid

  17. crazyartist12 says:

    lmao hes like wtf really rght here

  18. sage fox says:

    wowww so awsome add me people SOONER MAGIC 02

  19. xXRaInBoW3PrOdUcTiOn says:


  20. dangiux1 says:

    at 3:38 what for map is that ?

  21. noel adhanom says:

    lol like if you commed to sims video

  22. Habbooner says:

    Hey, loopyeskimojim, i was just wondering what do you record your videos off on your xbox or ps3, could you tell me ASAP, thnx bro, cya

  23. xBlackHayateFMA says:

    Dude I’m totally friending Sgt K1lljoy xD

  24. xBlackHayateFMA says:

    Dude I laughed so FUCKING hard when that happened… I shitchu not! I ALMOST DIED x”D

  25. rigomortisfxstudios says:

    i got a few funny ons one on my ch
    cod mw3 noobs with Laff Track

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