Calvin Harris-Sweet Nothing FL Studio Remake

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  1. Matthias Wolff says:

    hello, good remake ! can i do have the flp please. (mail at : themaniac@hotmail)

  2. 808Prestige says:

    Maybe well see

  3. ernesto1345 says:

    can u make a tutorial?

  4. 808Prestige says:


  5. Roy Chavez says:

    isn’t the pattern to the main beat wrong?

  6. 808Prestige says:

    Note: I lost the flp for this song sorry.

  7. 808Prestige says:

    If you would like me to make a remake just leave it in the comments in any one of my videos.

  8. 808Prestige says:

    wat about it?

  9. BorderHopper408 says:


  10. 808Prestige says:

    If you’re refering to the main
    melody, i used 3xosc. Just add some chorus and slide the note.

  11. giuliomusic96 says:

    How is call the sound that you have used fromo purity to do the centarl melody?

  12. Mikeroo8 says:

    download doesn’t work :-( 

  13. gvargas139 says:

    The link is down

  14. ELEKTROLARA says:


  15. thequincetree says:

    Nice. Would you be willing to share the file?

  16. LauroJarocho says:

    Not bad man! keep it up :D

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