MAG – PRO Clan Massive Action Video by Underlordtico [720p]

2 games of Domination, first defending then attacking SVER’s dom map with slight lag and hit detection here and there. Then a game with more lag or delayed hit detection again against Death Dealers. Annoying one not only cause of the bullet latency on my end but my father bugging me to get off to do something. Lol, anyways enjoy the video. Also a nice insight on how the PRO clan runs.



  1. OpusX910 says:

    This video makes me miss MAG

  2. Kaleb Keough says:

    Dude I remember being in [PRO] when I was 16 and the age requirement was 18+. That was a good 3-4 years ago, very cool to look back.

  3. legendhadi1 says:

    yet again, stop obsessing over answering to me, like a little bitch u are.

  4. Hawk S. says:

    ok, kid. go back to playing CS with your pacifier in ur mouth

  5. legendhadi1 says:

    call me a kid and obsess to answer me really? just grow up and stop trying to talk trash. it wont work, im as happy as ever, not playing cod like u do (me being against cod is why u kicked me), grow some balls and play a real game like counterstrike, which needs skill.

  6. Hawk S. says:

    u are not getting better believe me,u are jsut a stubborn little kid who doesnt listen. Who says we are dropping, lol. Go back to playing solo, noob. I feel bad for u, go back to COD, it will suit u better, lmfao!

  7. legendhadi1 says:

    i will, i u know raising my spm, and getting better is fun, while d3lr are dropping. No respect for bitches, sorry.

  8. Hawk S. says:

    have fun playing solo, you will listen more often

  9. Hawk S. says:

    good luck finding a clan with your childish mentality, go back to school kid u need it more than i do, lol.

  10. Boomer Apollyon says:

    You just never seemed to listen ever. You moaned saying you did not want to do that. We are trying to be a mature clan and I am sorry that your attitude while in the clan was that of an immature child, and we will not have that in the clan. Funny how you say your stats dropped so much from the rules, while mine did not and mine are better then yours. All I ask is stop being immature spreading false lies.

  11. Boomer Apollyon says:

    Stop acting immature Legendhadi, I was the one who wanted you kicked because in a post you directly said f-you to an officer, you were not an officer, which made it 100% unacceptable. You were never kicked because you said stuff about COD, everyone in the clan has made fun of COD. We are trying to become a mature clan, and how you acted to leadership was not what we needed. You also were not kicked because of one game where you spawn pushed. You were kicked for defying orders on many occasions

  12. TheIronman12364 says:

    Oh how nice we got another obsessed fanboy how has been kicked from the clan :) and now is stalking our clan website and reading our threads still. you and cholo should get in contact and exchange notes.

  13. legendhadi1 says:

    well i play with purpose, and its to get better, and better, and even better, my spm, and score dropped sooo much bcz of the death d3lr rule, which was to not spawn trap, and let the enemies have at least 1 base, and sitting off in the distance, not allowed to push towards them, while they are just in thier spawn, i got bored and was starting to think of leaving, then i made fun of cod, got kicked and not im a free man. When i play on enemy team they begged me me to switch bcz i destroy them.

  14. Hawk S. says:

    haha, come on get real Hadi, you were kicked from the platoon, because u acted like a 10 yrd old S.O.B. I believe it was the best choice we ever made, so go back to COD and play with your kind. All u do is run and gun, lol.

  15. underlordtico says:

    noobs are fun to hang around with, even if they don’t have your back when things get really tough. Check my video pro vs ^D^ death dealers

  16. legendhadi1 says:

    haha, u still helping noobs out? bcz that is a cod mentality, i pub with purpose and when i pub i hate to loose, which is why d3lr is a joke on bf3.

  17. legendhadi1 says:

    Ha Ha d3lr…… on mag they dont look half bad, on bf3, after leaving them, i am enjoying life, since all they do is try to help noobs, feels like cod while playing with them :P

  18. MrDudeurcool says:

    The only way PRO can win is with alot of people.. Jeez thats sad…

  19. VzVegeta says:

    I’m most likely asking the impossible. However, if you’ve ever played Turok games on the Nintendo 64, Quake 1 and 2, or Doom64 and know those FPS styles, do you know of a Ps3 or Xbox360 games with shooters as close to that style as possible?

  20. james65508 says:

    R u guys moving to BF3 ? just saying :)

  21. Thomas De Guzman says:

    the only thing that i don’t like about this game is the weapon damage. Sometimes it takes me like a whole clip to kill someone which is why i always stick with the tamsen mk2.

  22. maarten oudejans says:

    i liked before i watcht the vid

  23. Adrian Steele says:

    im making a VALOR mic only clan
    mssg me an sentance long application in my utube account if you wanna join or trial!

  24. towellie2 says:

    Can I join? I’m in Valor. My name is DuhAsianPwnage?

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