Minecraft 6×7 Piston Elevator Up+Down [Advanced Redstone Tutorials]

Howdy Partnoids! Todays vid details the construction of my recent adaptation on BrowsofSteel/Cubehamsters modified elevator(s) in it’s super compact form! We have stages of course, and hopefully it’s nice and clear for everyone! Elevator World Save: www.planetminecraft.com (Please feel free to up vote the project!) Music: DTMM – Black Out
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  1. mark constrom says:


  2. aGNarcotic says:

    @Hayden Pech im having the same issue, i’ve even slowed the pink circuit to the slowest it will go and it just breaks the other circuits, and 2-3 delay gets me stuck inside pistons

  3. aGNarcotic says:

    @baybladekid0 wrong, check ur timings on the repeaters that are direct to pistons i had the same problem

  4. Beybladekid0 says:

    all of this works but there is a very bad bug where one of the pistons just stay even though it was supposed to be pulled in by the sticky. :(

  5. Hayden Pech says:

    hey so i am on the xbox, this works but i am getting stuck or kicked out on the way up. i’ve tried slowing the speed down, and 5 different type of doors. if i don’t get kicked out, i get stuck 3-4 pistons up from the bottom. I had the same issue when i built cubehamster’s elevator. I thought it was my error but its doing the exact same thing with yours. (personally i found your layout much easier to follow)both worked going down..ideas on what is happening? I am also playing by myself, offline.

  6. FoxWolfRock says:

    omg even if i change it to the slowest speed.. it still pushes me out ..or keeps me trapped between the pistons!

  7. RedDeath2012 says:

    I’ve built it and it doesn’t work on the minecraft xbox 360 edition, but i’m not ruling out that i screwed up somewhere either. I’m thinking the xbox live server system is too slow, because a lot of the piston doors and elevators and well pretty much anything to do with redstone that has some kind of delay in the circuit and multiple things happening doesnt work.

  8. crystalwolfblade says:

    Got it! I’ll be working on it now. Thanks.

  9. Beybladekid0 says:

    *hits subscribe button*

  10. blindcrow23 says:

    thanks for the video .you deserve a like and subs . (Y) .love that .

  11. minecraftgamer214 says:

    Cool I am going to build it.

  12. MC PlayLab says:

    calling that complicated? all it is is the simple elevato design with some T-Flip-Flops…

  13. Tom trolldude says:

    it helped me for my piston house

  14. Tom trolldude says:

    at the top the last piston is working while it whould be useless… i changed it with oak wood

  15. haloreach123ize says:

    Why cant you just use a ladder

  16. Michael Hess says:

    Is this expandable?

  17. rojo90 says:

    How would this be with RedPower 2? Would be awesome if you could go a video with RP2 :D

  18. Michael Fritzsche says:

    just replace that last piston with a block :D

  19. rabidkangar00 says:

    Yup, I’ve done this at least 5 times now and the timing doesnt add up at all.

  20. rabidkangar00 says:

    This didnt work at all! Followed exact instructions and the very last piston just stayed out and up and i couldnt fix it

  21. Stephen DuVall says:

    With 1.4.7? Because that’s what I’m doing right now and it works until i get to the top then it just doesn’t push me up at the last floor

  22. ONLYclan says:

    with the height that i need it, i cannot get the blocks to where you said they need to be in the red circuit and the redstone interferes with the redstone in the green circuit. Are there specific heights i have to do it at or does the height have to be a multiple of a number? Please I need an answer or a video A.S.A.P. Thanks for the tutorial though. I used this elevator in a different place with your measurements so i could make sure it would work.

  23. TheprojectMB says:

    it works but i get trapped in it i guess i can use it as a trap

  24. Lucas Hebert says:

    it works but it wont let me up

  25. Lucas Hebert says:

    when you said to use a green block i used emerald block :P

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