Minecraft Tutorials – E27 Cave Spiders and Treasure Chests (Survive and Thrive II)

How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft! In this episode, we exterminate the pesky cave spiders in the old mine by destroying their spawner! Then we take their treasure, collect some more resources, and “swim” up and out of the ravine! Download this tutorial world: paulsoaresjr.com or create it from scratch: www.youtube.com BLOG: paulsoaresjr.com TWITTER twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com FAQ: www.youtube.com Get Minecraft here: minecraft.net In this episode you will learn – how to combat cave spiders – how to destroy a cave spider spawner – how to find treasure – how to swim up a waterfall Want more Minecraft Secrets? Get the “Survival Guide”! www.minecraftsurvivalkit.com Tags yt:quality=high minecraft “minecraft beta” “minecraft 1.0″ “minecraft survival” “minecraft tutorial” “minecraft help” “pc gaming” paulsoaresjr tutorial gameplay commentary tips secrets gaming computer retro help beginners survival guide how to survive “survive and thrive” “minecraft ravine” “minecraft mine shaft” abandoned mine shaft mineshaft “minecraft cave spider” cave spiders treasure chests



  1. MrReaper2030 says:

    8:44 you are so lucky that spider right above your head didn’t jump down

  2. jap989 says:

    I like the left / right torch on the wall rule, I get lost a lot. It seems to work VERY well in that mineshaft.

  3. Tyler Jenkins-Wong says:


  4. borntofish411 says:

    how much is minecraft for pc

  5. caleb martin says:

    Why did you say 6+6+6 and not 18 seconds?????

  6. fairmonkey212 says:

    @averagejoegaming98 in fact, ever thought it might have been a zombie? Ya know, they’re big and green, and they move, so…

  7. fairmonkey212 says:

    @Averagejoegaming98 no, that was too much of a dark and vibrant green to be like Steve’s clothes. Also, Herobrine wouldn’t exist without a mod, because there is no such code in the non-modded Minecraft to have Herobrine and his cobblestone mazes.

  8. emelylmahlume says:

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  9. VideozDownloader says:

    here i learnt that PC = personal cow

  10. Devon T says:

    I think you could just like the webs on fire, but i don’t think you’d get the string

  11. RedsBoneStuff says:

    You broke the spawner? Why would you do such a thing ?!?

  12. RedsBoneStuff says:

    Dude I went caving today and I found the biggest mineshaft I’ve ever seen! There are like three mineshafts in the same area, and I found 5, that’s right, FIVE cave spider spawners so far!! Two of them are literally 4 blocks away from each other and two other ones are like 7 blocks away. I’ll make xp farms out of this and I’ll be able to enchant like a madman :D

  13. ZasorahKryst says:

    Would it be quicker to light the cobwebs with the flint and steel? I mean if it works on wood, I’d assume they were flammable…

  14. littlemissSportsgirl says:

    come on the free cracked minecraft server chaotic united the ip address is chaotic.no-ip.ord so much fun!!

  15. SydneyIzMe says:

    @AverageJoeGaming98 herobrine is in a mod so unless he has the mod it could not be him

  16. panescudumitru says:

    wasn’t more easier to clean the cobweb with water?

  17. tjsutte says:

    ik its a little beyond the maps episode but i dk if it was a glitch but when i made a map and had a compass in my hot bar the whole map was drawn in.. was it a glitch or not?

  18. baums5808 says:

    yes, it is very useful, too! It will burn any webs nearby and even do damage to baddies

  19. wildairsoft1 says:

    i wish there was a button for “like all videos” if there was i would press it like this comment if you would too

  20. wildairsoft1 says:

    15:37 there is a air born rail placed above nothing

  21. redha elkurdi says:

    Can you set fire to webs?

  22. AverageJoeGaming98 says:


  23. Jaymee Min says:

    I love the way he says “milk”

  24. BenJ Zimmerman says:

    This is a tutorial. Tutorials are made by tutors. Tutors much talk to, well, tutor.

    If he doesn’t talk, what would he be doing?

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