Minimal Techno Tutorial [Basics] by Simply Vibes (FL STUDIO 10)

Preset is avalaible only, when you send me a message on my FB Page ;) Watch in fullscreen and 720p for better quality :) Some Basics in Fl Studio 10. Follow me on soundcloud: Like me on facebook: Beatport:



  1. ToxicDown says:

    how did you make so you can see what the other instruments are playing while you are editing another partition? look at 4:26 , you can see snare and other stuff while you are editing the “hihat” partition

  2. BeatGenerals says:

    Dope work!

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  3. zezi2897 says:


  4. TheYisogeorge says:

    nice wallpaper 

  5. zockerbruder86 says:

    dat desktop…

  6. Dj Goa says:

    yes very good i like this Track
    send me your Track


  7. Kevin Granados says:

    that library using? I would like to have that library

  8. ivan guzni says:

    download via torrent

  9. SimplyVibesOfficial says:

    vengeance-sound. com

  10. Alex Minimal says:

    can you send me your vengeance Samples to please?
    I was trying to download them by searching on google many times but I couldn’t find them!!
    Please it would be very important for me… :)

  11. djkiria says:

    Good tutorial and i want how is the name of de library? please

  12. code669hell says:

    nice mean i like it you are cool

  13. TheEkkerd says:

    Please check out my channel, I’m working on some songs! Great video btw, I subbed :)

  14. Girholiday says:


  15. sorfeck1 says:

    missing only 25 likes :P 

  16. SimplyVibesOfficial says:

    Hope my tutorial helped :)

  17. SimplyVibesOfficial says:

    Simply google them..,

  18. SimplyVibesOfficial says:

    Vengeance samples.

  19. Girholiday says:

    Where did you get the kick ? sounds awesome. I can’t find any good kicks anywhere….

  20. HotPlasticHull says:

    Nice tutorial! But i have a question: Where can I buy/download the sample-packs you’re using in this video?

  21. Subher0 says:

    Nicely done. Please… teach me I’m trying to make sounds like yours on SoundCloud :)

  22. Sten Krusell says:

    im 12 and

  23. Daniel Calota says:

    very very nice.

  24. Sandro DiGi says:

    Bello ma dato che nel titolo c’è scritto tutorial allora mi spiace ma questo è un video pessimo. Andare avanti così per 6 – 7 – 8 minuti diventa solo un incubo.

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