Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer : Organ Sounds

A demo of the of the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer’s PCM “Organ” Sounds. I play each one for a few seconds. The audio is recorderd directly out from the GR-55. It is mono and not stereo. The stereo sounds a lot better. Also, some of the organs have a rotary speaker effect, the speed can be changed with the expression pedal. I do not demonstrant this function in this demo, but this should give you a good idea of what they sound like. Feel free to comment and ask any questions you have and I will answer them the best I can. I hope this video is helpful to you, if it is, please click on the like thumbs up button, comment and subscribe.
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  1. johnnylance says:

    I really would like to hear a fast passage so that I can determine how well it tracks…

  2. Sol das Oliveiras Leao says:

    I’ll remember this riff for the rest of my life.

  3. Kennis Russell says:

    It might. I tried swinging a little bit back in the late 90′s. I was hospitalized for 3 days. Since then, I’ve been afraid to. lol. Sorry, I know it gan get reallly boring, I just wanted to get the sounds out for people to get on idea of what they sound like. I’m everyone can make them sound better that I did here. Thanks for watching though.

  4. aczfenderstrats says:

    Man…would it kill ya to swing a bit?

  5. Kennis Russell says:

    I like them too.

  6. celtic12stringman says:

    Thanks for that keyboard demo,the Church Organ effect is incredible,when I discovered it on mine, I couldnt stop playing it- sounds so majestic.

  7. Musicsale facile says:

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  8. Dannymusic1999 says:

    Is this synth pedal friendly with other effects before or after it?

  9. Kennis Russell says:

    No problem. Thanks

  10. Kennis Russell says:

    The GK-3 uses a Roland 13-pin cable into the GR-55.

  11. Kennis Russell says:

    Yes, you will need a GK-3 Pickup that comes with the unit. You CANNOT use a standard 1/4 cable with the GR-55.

  12. Kennis Russell says:

    I totally love Roland products. They do a great job!

  13. frisko129 says:

    roland is a son of nothing little bitty

  14. Modonaut57 says:

    Yes, I’d probably buy it for just that alone…something Peddlers orientated…

  15. Kennis Russell says:

    I’ll see what I can do. I have a bunch of videos people have requested. I’ll try and make one for the Hammond sounds. Stay tuned

  16. Modonaut57 says:

    I’d like to hear some Hammond type organ chords preferably in a lower register…

  17. Kennis Russell says:

    The GK-3 was better in the ghost note area. There were a lot less ghost notes on the Drum sounds for sure. That is where I noticed the biggest difference. I would say it is about 20% better IMHO (or had about 20% less ghost notes). However the model guitar and amps did not sound as good to me with the GK-3. So for me I still prefer the built in pickup on my XTSA.

    It’s strange, not all PCM sounds give me ghost notes. Over all no problem with the built in RMC pickup.

  18. Kennis Russell says:

    Yes you can. 

  19. mcogan1010 says:

    You mentioned in one post that you were going to install the GK-3 pickup to compare. If you have already done that, did the GK-3 pickup eliminate the ghost notes, or at least make them less frequent?

  20. Esqurl says:

    Can you control the Leslie with the foot pedal like you can on the GR-33?

  21. vumpirekizz croix says:

    no prob :D for that again thanks for the info, to this video. now I’m excited to buy one of this.

  22. Kennis Russell says:

    Sorry it wont work on the 7 strings. I’m glad you like the videos. Thanks for watching.

  23. vumpirekizz croix says:

    oh that’s so sadly, I started playing 7 string because it’s ha more strings than the 6 and I can hit more notes than the 6. I have no choice but to use my 6 strings when I got this great gadget. thank you very much for sharing to this information and for uploading this video. I like the grand pipe patch^^

  24. Kennis Russell says:

    There is no Gk pickup for 7 string guitar. The GR-55 would not be able to read it either, cause it only has parameters for 6 strings. I googled it and it wont be a problem puting the the GK-3 on a 7 string under the bottom 6 strings and no the low B string. Hope that answered your question. Thanks for posting.

  25. vumpirekizz croix says:

    thanks for sharing this very helpful video. I have a question, is there a roland guitar synth pickup available for 7 string guitar?

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