♪♫ The Beatles – She Loves You (Tutorial)

Acoustic guitar tutorial for The Beatles – She Loves You



  1. Ricardo Ruibal says:

    Great teacher

  2. MrBeatlebacker says:

    I think you’ll find John played a D major while George played a D7 – you’ll find similar in quite a few Beatles numbers.

  3. derekness99 says:

    No offense, but I like the d major on the first verse rather than the d7

  4. fernando sanabria says:

    thanks I like teach detail. play very well. ^^ yeaah!!

  5. marubook says:


  6. XArmyyX says:

    Try playing G6 instead of G on the last “Yeah” it just gives the fuzzy feeling to the last word

  7. Ceci Fer says:

    i like your t-shirt

  8. APRIL141958model says:

    Very well done. I’m a huge Beatles fan, and as much as I love so many of their numbers, this has always been my favourite Beatles song, ever since I first heard it as a child in the early-to-mid ’60′s. Those great, simple but so beautiful chords! GROO—VY! :-) By the way, it’s also pretty obvious that you’ve got a good singing voice too!

  9. andymyers1969 says:

    Great lessons mate!

  10. LadyBlackSabbath says:

    ОНА ТЕБЯ ЛЮБИТ.ДА!ДА!ДА!(Russian)-)))

  11. AmDsus2Fmaj7Am says:

    you are one brilliant guitarist. Thanks for the tutorial

  12. 1taylorgibson says:

    Thank you very much for that. I was just watching a tv show with the Beatles at Shea stadium and thanks to you now I’m playing she loves you

  13. wannayourblood1 says:

    how goes the beat rhythm?

  14. sultenfuss04 says:

    si! al fin alguien que si sabe dar un tutorial y que bien que le quedo la cancion

  15. sultenfuss04 says:

    OMG! este hombre me ha convencido de poder tocar guitarra que bien que le salio la cancion!!

  16. Feet4hands says:

    Great lesson, great playing, great tips. Many thanks

  17. mpm111144 says:

    It’s just an Adidas sticker that he put on there. :)

  18. nmjda says:

    Your awesome!!

  19. A4s2Bt says:

    Very awesome tut. Very user friendly.

  20. Kalil Aybar says:

    Perfecto! Gracias! Saludos desde Argentina Peter! :$

  21. lookylooky2006 says:


  22. mpm111144 says:

    Way to go, Pete!!  Another Great lesson of another Great Beatles song that, thanks to you, I have notched on my guitar neck!!! Thanks a gazillion, mate!!! From the land up over. :)

  23. CoolGuyDanny182 says:

    Helped a lot dude! Thanks! I have to learn this last minute right now!!! Lol

  24. sammyclickpress says:

    Too fast for beginner like me!

  25. MrFaza212 says:

    guitar of adidas? Dafuq?

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