#5 Wobble Bass with Analog :: Ableton Live

ABLETONDAILY.COM Ableton Live Tutorial :: Simple Wobble Bass tutorial with the Analog instrument.
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  1. curruptsector says:

    perfect, thankyou

  2. gizzlebubbear says:

    Uh wat

  3. stig ridsdale says:

    thankyou perfect.

  4. Matteo Cosentino says:


  5. artemcdtu says:

    fuck!!! midi mappings doesn’t work in Suite ?

  6. liveracks says:

    Thank you! I have further worked on the patch and created an Instrument Rack for you guys to use – including rack controls with a few tweaks and a solid bottom sine. You can download it from liveracks [dot] com. Cheers!

  7. audioizm says:

    Yeah, that’s right it’s not only Massive that can make wobles ;)

  8. JakeMccloskeyMusic says:

    Hey, whenever I record and want to change the rate with my slider, once i’m done, the rate doesn’t really save, it just saves as the last used rate… Is there anyway to get around this other than manually writing the rate into the editor?

  9. PLAZ1990s says:

    This lite version of Live I have fucking sucks. I can’t make any of the sounds I want to make. I don’t have Analog either.

  10. PLAZ1990s says:

    This lite version of Live I have fucking sucks. I can’t make any of the sounds I want to make. I don’t have Analog either.

  11. 666metakgool666 says:

    This tuto is really easy to understand!!!!

  12. roblrocks says:

    awesome cheers mate top vid

  13. MaximTimoshenko says:



    Can I please get this template? This bass sound is great!!!

  15. lengotin says:

    thank you!!!

  16. Mint3Milo says:

    Mark great tutorial….that just made my sound even better and easier to set up.

  17. ownface says:

    Thanks for the tutorial!!

    I used this on one of my tracks, but sometimes the wobble matches up well with the beat and sounds amazing while other times it seems to be a little off. Any way to control this? I did click the sync button on analog and the wobble is on time, just not exactly where I want it every time.


  18. jtfles says:

    dude,serious buzz,i knew how to do this already but you made the fundamentals much much clearer and applicable to everything else.i was looking for a talking redux bass thing though, i can’t find a decent one that will inform me how to create a talking bass that i can use in principal to all plugins etc.i am using sylenth and vanguard as i think they have a better quality sound to the in built ones in ableton.do you have a tutorial on this?

  19. frazzatutto says:

    thanx mate!!! really…. thanx a lot!!! you’ve halped me so much, you couldn’t explained better then this!!! if i was gay i would merry you!!! ;) jocking
    well done, thanx again!!! :)

  20. notrebles says:

    the frequency of the tone isnt going up and down, its the frequency of the FILTER. this is a big difference meng. dont confuse peeps :)

  21. JackyBBX says:

    can we not use a external midi controller ? can we set it like on our keyboard or something ? ::) please help , nice tutorial btw !

  22. garysayskerplunk says:

    thanks for the wobble tips hal 9000

  23. Wayne Beeston says:

    great tutorial cheers :-)

  24. leadfarmer13 says:

    i mean like dude shud i get this immedieately or cud i wait and learn about analog before get this version

  25. ogamidub says:

    thank you so much.  I’m gonna try that in ableton, then i’m gonna try it on my nord lead3!

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