Dance Pop Tutorial Day 3 pt 2: blippy lead synth [7 Day Song] -head over to my website to see the text version of the tutorial, grab some samples and check out my other blogs and tutorials! And http for the forum (Shocking, right?) – Check it out for more info on Propellerhead’s music making month! This Reason 5 Tutorial is for producers looking to get into Chart-tastic Dance Pop like Lady Gaga, Ke$ ha, Katy Perry, Taio Cruise… basically anything produced by Max Martin or Dr Luke. Incredible producers. If you use fruity loops or garage band or logic, protools, ableton or any other DAW I’m sure you’ll find something in here you can learn from, since I try to explain *why* I do things rather than just *what* I do. Let me know what you think of this 7 day song!



  1. Brian Jaffer says:

    How many inches is your hqair?

  2. johncbradley1 says:

    Someone already told me numb nuts.

  3. MastaCookie says:

    “Dance Pop Tutorial Day 3 pt 2″

  4. Marcin Piasecki says:

    it’s part 2

  5. johncbradley1 says:

    Is this video missing the first half or is it just me? It’s only 2:56 long :S

  6. ZuWrath0 says:

    Dave, I love you <3

  7. tz64nk41 says:

    I’m looking forward to this. Move over RedOne, Dave is gonna kick arse!

  8. Ca1mdownplz says:

    That’s what he was explaining the AM slider did. Amplitude modulation. If you look on Thor it puts oscillator 2 into oscillator 1 (visualized with arrows).

  9. DJGrazba says:

    its modulating its amplitude , its called Amplitude Modulation (the Volume) !

  10. Nardi11011 says:

    You’re not supposed to hear the wavetable oscillators, they’re just there to modulate the analog oscillator.

  11. DjCooMillenium says:

    the wavetables was acting as a modulator for the 1st ocsillator

  12. raymondgroothuis says:

    I noticed that too.

  13. ThereByTheTrees says:

    My head was about to burst as you didn’t put on the wavetables!

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