Drum and Bass Tutorial Day 3: Making a DnB Lead Synth [7 Day Song]

www.boyinaband.com – head over to my website to see the text version of the tutorial, grab some samples and check out my other blogs and tutorials! In day 3, we’ll be making a sweet lead synth to go over our beat and make the drop even catchier! Radical!
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  1. JasoKayRecordz says:

    Dave do you know how to make the high pitch lead sound which, wilkinson from ram records uses? in this track, Wilkinson – Need To Know ft. Iman

    thanks Dave

  2. ViNcEnT1988888 says:

    Oke thanks.

  3. FartNuggetification says:

    no, thankyou.

  4. ViNcEnT1988888 says:

    Oke thanks ?!

  5. FartNuggetification says:

    you sound like pendulum blood sugar

  6. 11window says:

    Hey, be reasonable about this

  7. MrStereoMusic says:

    It’s Reason 4, I’ve already found it xD

  8. 11window says:

    a secret 1 made by deadmau5 n skrillex. Dat u cn neva get lol

  9. MrStereoMusic says:

    Who can tell me which program he is using?

  10. Jason Kiddell says:

    actually it sound like what he made seeing as he just done it :P

  11. Jason Kiddell says:

    yes yes i got reason read the manual sat there n fort huh!!!! so i was messing around for about a month played around did not uderstand it made a few tunes which are on my page have a listen there crap im just started using ure method and omg i can see the difference ive only got up to this video i will do the rest tommorow as im now shattered :D

  12. boogeyman1995 says:

    agreed. Seen them on there Immersion tour in 2010. Greatest night of my life without a doubt. all 3 of there abums are top notch.

  13. panaplever says:

    Nowadays Pendulum is also amazing :3

  14. Chris Allen says:

    Complex as furk

  15. OllieGio says:

    Awesome :D

  16. Worldwidemusicshop12 says:

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  17. djpoetic28 says:

    i cant spell i meant to say your music is sick bro

  18. djpoetic28 says:

    i enjoy your tutorials over years ive only used loops that came the programs but now ive been making my beats from scratch and using reason more i think your music bro

  19. munsterman3 says:

    eye opening…cool man

  20. daranus says:

    Haters gonna hate huh? And btw….its aNnoying…kid.

  21. TheyChantHisName says:

    Right KlicKk and Pitch BenTt.. SweeTt, now you have iTt … gosh you are soo anoying

  22. v129 says:


  23. IsaacDemitryKinser says:

    Sooooo blurrrryyyyy

  24. Andrea Illuminati says:

    great tutorial!

  25. L0l1o1 says:

    Finally a tutorial that explains what they are doing :D
    Never seen this program before, but it helped me a lot in fl studio :)
    Thanks man!

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