Flying Lotus inspired LA Beat Tutorial

Soundcloud: Twitter: Showing you techniques to get the flying lotus style sound in your beats. Other influences are in this tutorial as well, such as TokiMonsta, Daedalus, Nosaj Thing. The LA beat scene sound or Future Beat sound is all about expression and free form styles. So dont be afraid to get way outside of the box. This “genre” if we have to call it that, is still very free and abstract. Lets keep it that way, dont be afraid to find your own sound. Good Luck ! Sample Packs I used: Sonic Specialists – Urban Fire Series
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. butterandgarlic says:

    where’s part 2?

  2. Corporatist says:

    Wheres the second vid!?

  3. ssiegert12 says:

    Very important question: when working in this style, do you tend to make your drum loops first or do you make the melodies/ chords/ bass first?

  4. André Filipe says:

    You nailed it

  5. illtripbeats says:

    good stuff.. nailed the style

  6. TyroneCLove says:

    Very cool beat man !

  7. Dantso says:

    yes indeed

  8. RiskyDub says:

    Yet here you are, watching my video, commenting on my video. Odd for someone who hates it so much. You sir have found a good way to spend your life. Everyone has there own opinion. Ours are obviously different, no need to try and persuade those who can not or will not be.

  9. MattsterFelix says:

    Great vid man don’t listen to haters :)

  10. RiskyDub says:

    I’ll say it again: When someone is learning guitar, piano, flute or any other musical instrument, how do they learn? Oh yes that’s right, they learn by playing other peoples music ! Why you might ask? Its not so they can rip off style, its so they can practice, master the art and technique of playing the instrument. Which will allow them to develop the tools that turn there ideas into songs of there own unique style. 

  11. Chris Bourland says:

    Yeah…that is probably why Samiyam is on brainfeeder…because FlyLo doesnt like people that use drum tracks like his…lol

  12. Expensve brotther says:

    where is that synth tutorial

  13. Will Lister says:

    And can you do a tutorial or something? wicked video!

  14. Will Lister says:

    How are you making those kick and clap sounds? are you starting with a kick and editing it, or are you starting from scratch? ta

  15. Ut Most says:

    wondering the same thing

  16. KILLAGORILLA7000 says:

    looks like 78 to me pal!

  17. PierreSketchy says:

    What bpm?

  18. Keith Meldrum says:

    The whole beat is very great! But i would suggest one thing, I would change the green regions to another pad sound. It think it kinda sounds chessy. but other than that is awesome

  19. Andre Fadista says:

    Where´s the second part??? ;) 

  20. Maty Veitas says:

    But also this was a very helpful tutorial and I was wondering if you were interested in making another?

  21. Maty Veitas says:

    Where do you get your drum kits?

  22. Conor Stephenson says:


  23. james smith says:

    please send me some of your music, i bet its great….

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