[Hardstyle Song] Hardstyle Rising – Ephixa

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. DISRUPT nine says:

    were here right now

  2. Neodova says:

    2:00 (Where I thought it was a separate song…….) [Yes I know I probably spelt some words wrong so dont correct me]

  3. Infected420Mushroom says:

    ME :D

  4. RAWR lolopopo says:

    Like hunter…

  5. IgniteMarioKart says:

    Does anyone still listen to this?

  6. Ky0breck says:

    It’s a signature of hardstyle :) 

  7. Kayes213 says:

    It’s hardstyle kicks is meant to be heavy!

  8. barexable says:

    thumbs up if you listen to this in 2013!!!

  9. dmnrpr1 says:

    Because its hardstyle…tsktsktsk…

  10. DynamyteTV says:

    I dont get why you need the kick to be so heavy. But then again I am used to writing house so I wouldn’t know.

  11. Thomas Hyatt says:

    show this to 2 people? ive already shown it to 200!

  12. TheRealSquiggle says:

    He is already doing a new one. Check his soundcloud.

  13. dmnrpr1 says:

    Fucking love the whole thing

  14. earth2Utube says:

    Idk what you’re talking about the whole thing is dope

  15. iliketrains0pwned says:

    Ephixia, start making more hardstyle!!!!!!

  16. Adrian Krasniqi says:

    my brain had trouble working while listening to this.

  17. Sunkan98 says:

    I had no idea, i didnt really enjoy hardstyle but you make it fuckin amazing.. Please do a new Hardstyle song ! :D

  18. Jknessmic says:

    fak man make a remix to this with 2:00 + as the main theme PLEASE jesus christ

  19. Arcane Anderson says:

    I don’t recieve any bacon, but i need the penguin!

  20. projectBryce says:

    on the grillma’ nigga’ ;) 

  21. RyanL95lol says:

    although without the intro the song probably wouldnt be half as good

  22. Kirsten Kilpatrick says:

    That awkward moment when you rly get a penguin…. xD

  23. iliketrains0pwned says:

    buy it and play this song as you play zombies, it’s AWESOME!!!

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