MPC Beat – My Man Herb – j.DePina



  1. joe grimes says:

    Hey man i think your a hell of a producer and your videos are very inspiring. but i just got a mpc 2000 and do i have to get a external zip drive or can i just use the floppy drive on the 2000 with floppy disk??

  2. mrdeedz1 says:

    Inow the MPC2000 doesnt have a autochop feature on it. do u chop each sample individually?

  3. Freespirit920 says:

    Thats biggie all over !

  4. jdepinabeats says:

    I Cut all my samples in the MPC. I just save and compress the beats in cool edit.

  5. Dennis van Dalen says:

    Yo fam, can i ask you a question. Why do you use Cool Edit? I always cut my samples in the MP itself. You got a specific reason? thanks

  6. whatismusicdude says:

    how much was that machne bro?? i really want to buy one and getsome bets going! let me known soon as possible! oh and where u get it?

  7. YOsaawordup says:

    hahaha i know you have had to replace those pads at least twice with all that note off play!

  8. YOsaawordup says:

    Mass… Rep
    JDP my man you have been doing it proper for a while now… glad to see the pads still getting worked!!! sounds nice and crispy too!

  9. tk33k says:

    J J J got Me hooked on Yo beats

  10. theRealMuseum says:

    wow.. nice beat..

  11. Franke Kingma says:

    In the game LA Noire, when the trafficsigns swtich from STOP to GO, they make the same sound as yuo have on your first pad. It always reminds me of this beat. Peace

  12. sjukgymnast says:


  13. BeatMasterCannon says:

    Dats Funky!

  14. MAIDODEASS says:

    I almost check ya your Video.
    amazing man. I’m really love your beats.
    Dope Dope Dope.

  15. Shakuru21 says:

    Technics SL-1200MK2

  16. Griffin50OLDL says:

    yo what type turn table is dat

  17. ragz says:


  18. crackbxtswozniecki2 says:

    Youre my fucking idol man. Dopest beats in youtube and in internet.

  19. scizzerzbeats says:

    hot shit mane..what u using for storage on that classic….

  20. kadarakaa says:

    I using too :D

  21. realc430 says:

    wish i could do that with my axiom…=-(

  22. NicenSoul says:

    Herbie Hancock Yes!!

  23. djbeatjerky804 says:

    one of my favs so far!

  24. Globalfaction says:

    Stone Cold Groove

  25. elsicknick says:

    -this beat is incredible.

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