Adding a blasting sub bass! Use HEADPHONES or MONITORS!! – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday

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  1. roflbiscuit says:

    Did you add a phaser to the bass or something in between videos?

  2. pankillheure says:

    It seems really instructive !

  3. jj1975nl says:

    Great great tutorials. One question: in the 1+ hour tut, at a certain point (around the one hour mark), I don’t see the detuned saw anymore in the bass group. Have you deleted that one? Or is it coming back in later tuts? Now some Dutch: geweldige tutorials man, ik leer er echt een hele hoop van. Tilt mijn eigen producties waarschijnlijk weer een paar niveautjes hoger. Dank!

  4. underwearman says:

    ARTFX, is it possible for you to create a EDX style bass tutorial?

  5. guitarguy0219 says:

    hey man your my new favourite tutorial guy on yutube! one question tho: after the main bass and after the lazers there is like a nice chords sound, reminded me of knife party, i was just wondering how you made that and chords used, thank you, also check out my other music channel! /ParallaxDJ

  6. Kpop Hansba says:

    yeah this was nice tutorial even though I knew almost everything but good you showed midi part section and how to get rid of clicks and make subbass working on same frequency area

  7. Trent Hoffer says:

    2382 sorry

  8. Trent Hoffer says:

    Ya bh 8232 said

  9. WillieTaggett says:

    I really enjoy your videos man..and I like how it sounds like you’re holding a hit from a joint when you talk lol

  10. luucasmaracas says:


  11. Mamma Jorila says:

    Thanks, hope so too.

  12. ARTFXSTUDIOS says:

    Aahww hope your finger heals fast!

  13. ARTFXSTUDIOS says:

    That toally depends on a lot of things like preference, feeling, mood, vibe, etc. It’s way to complicated to do a video about that since there is no right answer to that question. be creative, that’s what count and if it sounds right, it is right. Good question though!

  14. Brian Hunker says:

    EXCELLENT video lesson (as always)! In just a few weeks, these tutorials have helped me advance my production skills to a level that would have taken me years just experimenting on my own. Thanks so much for sharing your expert knowledge. Your original tracks are killer too.

    One request: Could you talk about how you write your parts? Like what makes a good melody or bassline for different kinds EDM? Or explain different drums rhythms for Dubstep, Techstep, Neurofunk, House, etc? THANKS!

  15. Mamma Jorila says:

    Since I broke my finger and cant play with my band I have been learning Ableton more than usual, so this is a pleasant surprise

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